Tips to improve your photos with Samsung Enhance-X App

Are you also the kinda person who is fond of capturing pics until your satisfaction of desire clicks achieve? And of course, you would be clever enough by cutting edges, filtering, and adding more attractive curves to your pics while editing those numerous clicked pictures of yours. Samsung is all concerned with all sides of your desire, thus having a Samsung Enhance-X App on your Samsung phone. So, basically, Galaxy Enhance-X is an AI-powered image editor that makes it simple to enhance the photos you take on your Samsung phone.

Here in this article, we have covered what actually is Galaxy Enhance-X and how it works for you. As Samsung’s AI-powered image enhancer Galaxy Enhance-X promises to help fix different aspects of an image and enhance its look with simple steps. Just check it below.

What Is Galaxy Enhance-X?

Being an AI-enabled image editor from Samsung, Galaxy Enhance-X eases you to fix imperfections and enhance the overall look of an image super easily. You can use it to edit all kinds of photos, including the ones captured on other phones and those you download online.

From the Samsung Galaxy Store, the editor can be downloaded. At the time of writing, the app is in beta and only supports the S23 series of devices, although support for the S22 lineup and more devices was expected to follow up soon.

Download: Galaxy Enhance-X (Free)

11 things you can change about an image in Galaxy Enhance-X App

Dissimilar to the other Android photo editing apps Galaxy Enhance-X app is a one-tap remaster functionality that lets you fix and enhance your photos with the tap of a button. Analyzing your photo to look for issues related to noise, blur, and sharpness, along with other imperfections, and fixes them automatically using AI to give you a better-looking photo, Samsung calls this button Magic.

Talking about availability, in total, there are 11 things you can change about an image. Each has a dedicated button on the app. These buttons are labeled as follows, and here’s what you can do with them:

  • HDR: It analyzes an image’s highlights, shadows, brightness, and contrast levels and, based on the scene, enhances the image to boost its overall appearance.
  • Brighten: As the name implies, Brighten bumps up the brightness of an image. If a picture is too dark, you can use this tool to increase the brightness, or vice versa.
  • Fix blur: Its function is to unblur a blurry image and make everything look clearer. At the moment, though, it isn’t very effective.
  • Sharpen: If an image looks too soft, Sharpen allows you to add some grain to it to make it look sharper.
  • Fix moiré: Sometimes, an image you captured using an old device or downloaded from the internet may suffer from moiré—a strange pattern of lines or dots. Fix moiré can help you fix such images instantly.
  • Remove reflection: It lets you remove reflections in an image. As of writing this, the tool isn’t consistent, as it fails to identify and remove reflection in some images.
  • Remove shadows: This eliminates shadows projected by different objects in an image.
  • Fix lens distortion: If an image is suffering from optical aberrations, Fix lens distortion helps you correct it with a simple tap.
  • Portrait: Portrait makes adding a portrait effect to your photos easy. It gives you a few different portrait effects that you can pick based on your preference, such as Blur, Studio, Low-key mono, etc.
  • Face: If you don’t like how your face has turned out in a photo, this option lets you tweak some of its aspects. You can adjust the smoothness and tone, and in addition, also define the jawline and eyes.
  • Upscale: If you’ve got a very low-resolution image, you can use the Upscale option (with the download icon) to increase its resolution. Galaxy Enhance-X lets you upscale the resolution by up to four times.

Use Galaxy Enhance-X to Edit Your Images

Using the Enhance-X app is so simple and just a seconds task for everybody. Check it out below.

  1. Open the Galaxy Enhance-X app on your phone and tap the Select Picture to edit button. Choose the image you want to edit.
  2. If you want to automatically fix imperfections in the image and enhance it, tap the Magic button. It’s the one with the star icon.
  3. Once Enhance-X applies the edits, you’ll see a slider bar in the middle of the image. Drag it left or right to view the image before and after the edits.
  4. If you wish to edit the image yourself or make some changes to it post-auto-enhancement, tap on an option, and it’ll perform the action for you. Tap on More to view all available tools.
  5. For some tools, such as Portrait and Face, Enhance-X gives you a slider. Use it to adjust the values of the different effects the tool applies, as per your preference, to get the desired effect.
  6. Lastly, tap the Save button (with the download icon), pick the desired output resolution (if available), and hit Save to save the edited image to your phone’s gallery.

Therefore that was all about Samsung’s offering when equipping one-tap to remaster functionality while editing pics. The AI-based editor is easy-to-use control for adjusting different aspects of an image at your fingertips.

Tips to improve your photos with Samsung Enhance-X App

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