The key features of Samsung SmartThings Energy

Samsung SmartThings Energy was recently launched in several markets. It is an intelligent tool that helps households become more aware of their energy consumption and encourages positive behaviours to reduce energy use.

It is a part of Samsung’s SmartThings app, SmartThings Energy records and displays the energy consumption of your connected white goods and household appliances.

For your information, the app also calculates estimates of expected future electricity costs. Also, it sends an alert if your consumption is higher than usual.

The key features of Samsung SmartThings Energy

Smart overview and insights: SmartThings Energy monitors the energy consumption of your connected devices in real time, analyzes patterns and offers personalized tips on how exactly you can lower your energy consumption. Get to know your home better and which devices account for most of the total consumption.

Warn you in case of energy waste: SmartThings Energy automatically sends notifications when your connected devices use more energy than normal and offers advice to fix this. Such as alerting you that the refrigerator doors are left open for too long or that your refrigerator draws more energy than usual, for example if you have overpacked the refrigerator so that the air cannot circulate effectively.

You can set goals: Set a monthly goal for how much energy your household should use, get updates on how you’re doing and get suggestions for actions to achieve the planned monthly consumption.

Enable Energy Saving Mode: Turn on AI Energy Mode via the app to enable smart automatic switching to energy-saving mode on compatible devices. AI Energy Mode is a powerful feature that can help lower your electricity consumption and is available on Samsung’s connected models of washing and cooling products.

Meanwhile, you can also check electricity consumption for connected products from brands other than Samsung.

SmartThings Energy

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