One UI 6: Samsung to kill background apps less often [Android 14]

Several Android App creators/developers complained about the restrictions on foreground services and background. The top companies are looking forward to killing background apps to save battery life. The developers are already following Android’s guidance. In the same matter, Google and Samsung have their own statements which you can check below.

Looking to solve these consistency challenges, we are announcing deeper partnerships with Android hardware manufacturers to help ensure APIs for background work are supported predictably and consistently across the ecosystem – GOOGLE.

To strengthen the Android platform, our collaboration with Google has resulted in a unified policy that we expect will create a more consistent and reliable user experience for Galaxy users – SAMSUNG.

With the upcoming One UI 6.0 apps targeting Android 14 will surely work as intended so long as they are developed according to Android’s new foreground service API policy.

If apps that target Android 14 use a foreground service, they must declare a specific permission, based on the foreground service type, that Android 14 introduces. If your app targets Android 14, it must specify appropriate foreground service types. As in previous versions of Android, multiple types can be combined and those are camera, connectedDevice, dataSync, health, location, mediaPlayback, mediaProjection, microphone, phoneCall, remoteMessaging, shortService, specialUse and systemExempted.

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One UI 6 Background Apps

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