Galaxy S23 Ultra features a new Quad Pixel Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) technology

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G smartphone was launched with a plethora of high-end specifications. The device is able to capture better night photography and more. The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset impressed with smooth performance. It is also a water-resistant and dustproof functionality-equipped smartphone, featuring an on-screen optical fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone has a new Quad Pixel Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) technology. It is able to change from Dual Pixel (2PD) sensor to a Quad Pixel (4PD) sensor.

This sensor only detects phase differences horizontally. The revolutionary new Quad Pixel sensor can detect phase differences in both horizontal and vertical directions explains CamCyclopedia moderator.

Problems with Dual Pixel (2PD) Sensor in Phase Detection AF

Below you can check the image, the Dual Pixel sensor has the following structure, which allows it to detect phase differences for horizontal elements.

Problems with Dual Pixel (2PD) Sensor

If you are likely to shoot a subject in a typical setup, the horizontal phase difference is enough to put the AF into motion. In other words, for most subjects, the horizontal phase difference is enough to trigger AF. However, in a few specific situations, there are subjects whose horizontal phase difference components are not detectable. They might look like the following.

AF output

In the image above, the user wants to focus on the tree branch lying horizontally in the centre of the photo. However, the phase difference information on the horizontal branch element is missing, which takes the focus away from the branch to the buildings behind.

Samsung introduced a sensor to detect phase difference components in the vertical direction

The latest Quad Pixel (4PD) sensor helps to detect phase difference components in the vertical direction. As per the image below, a single sensor generates two pieces of phase difference information.

Quad Pixel (4PD) sensor

In the photo above, the Quad Pixel sensor works but it is difficult to distinguish and select between the two phase difference information. The left/right phase contrast information targets the writing at the back, while the up/down phase contrast information targets the holding bar at the front. Situations like these may trigger unwanted AF action.

Blurry AF

Quad Pixel Auto Focus Algorithm based on Two Phase Difference components

The AF algorithm evolved accordingly with the introduction of the Quad Pixel Sensor. By combining data from AI AF, scene segmentation, and laser, we have selected and aggregated optimal phase difference information that fits user requirements and enables the camera to focus accordingly. This solves the problems of the existing Dual-Pixel-based Auto Focus and provides users with a more advanced AF usability.

Quad Pixel PDAF

Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Specifications

The Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone was launched with a 200MP f/1.8 Wide Angle Shooter, a 10MP Periscope Camera, two 10MP Cameras and a 12MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera. These are placed on the rear side of the device along with an LED Flash. For the front side, the brand has installed an amazing 12MP f/2.2 Wide-Angle Primary Shooter.

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