YouTube tests redesign of its next visual upgrades, that brings Home feed to the video page

Following a big redesign last year, YouTube might step up to the commencement of its next visual upgrades with the alterations to the video page. Since it remains stayed the same for the past couple of years.

Presently, on the web, it depicts the video window along with the title. Whereas, the other details/descriptions seem to appear below it. Talking about the redesign that a chunk of people are seeing over the past few weeks. The information on the right of the video is considerably precise.

Other buttons such as un/like, sharing, etc. also tend to be visible underneath. It showcases five or so recent comments. This alteration makes for a very mobile-like interface. Apart from this, Up Next videos and certain other recommendations no longer appear on the right side of the screen. Instead, it seems to appear as a grid at the bottom, while it very much looks like the YouTube homepage. Even it also shows a “Latest YouTube posts” section as you scroll.

So far, we have seen two or so occurrences of this YouTube video page redesign. Apparently, the experience of watching a video is not much hindered a lot. But at the same time, comments and other details on the periphery certainly make a big impact.

Meanwhile, it is also clear that highlighting other videos to watch along with much bigger thumbnails is the primary motive of this redesign. In contrast, it seems to be a very lean-back experience. But we are not clear about whether the accurate balance between information, comments, and recommendations is being accomplished or not.


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