List of 14 Mobile Messenger Apps that have been banned in India

Allegedly, the Indian government has shut off 14 messaging apps, these are those apps that were used by terror groups in Jammu and Kashmir. As these apps were found to be used by terrorists to contact their associated people.

Also, all these apps were investigated and probed by numerous agencies from defense forces, security, intelligence, and investigation respectively. Thereby, it is found that the apps were reported to be used by the suspected organizations in order to contact their supporters and on-ground team. It also comes to notice to the investigation agencies that they also inspire the youth in the region through these apps.

List of the blocked apps:

  • Crypviser
  • Enigma
  • Safeswiss
  • Wickrme
  • Mediafire
  • Briar
  • BChat
  • Nandbox
  • Conion
  • IMO
  • Element
  • Second line
  • Zangi
  • Threema

Reason to banned these Apps

As per the information, the listed apps were caught being installed on smartphones that were recovered from terrorists killed in operations. It was found during investigations, as well as on the devices of on-ground workers. They were found to have installed at least one of these apps. However stopping them is difficult, also the presence and nature of the apps depict that they were being used to spread some terror agenda.

Notably, these messaging apps have heavy encryption. The same enables privacy and invisibility to users which makes it difficult to access the content. In contrast, these apps also have servers in various countries that substantially make it difficult to trace their origin.

Additionally, these apps are blocked under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000. Thus, it won’t be available to download from the official app store markets. Whereas, subsequently it’s not available to access the Indian server as well.

List of 14 Mobile Messenger Apps that have been banned in India

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