Samsung slideable phone to have four different modes

The South Korean tech giant Samsung always ranked first in the foldable race when it comes to smartphones. Now, the company has a differnet plan and moving forward to hybrid. Samsung at CES this year showed off new display concepts, including the slidable and foldable “Flex Hybrid.”

During the event, Samsung showcases the screen size between 10.5-inch and 12.5-inch as it has slidable and foldable design – with the left side of the screen capable of folding, and the right side ready to slide. The company even showcased a 17-inch slidable display and a digital cockpit concept designed for self-driving cars.

Now, according to the GalaxyClub, the rollable/slideable Samsung device patent shows how a phone can work in four different modes.

There are four modes of the slideable/rollable smartphone

The latest patent via WIPO confirmed that the title is “Method of Recommending Form Factor of Rollable Smartphone”. In the patent, Samsung describes four different modes for the daily use of such a device with the size of the current Fold series.

  • Band Mode
  • Phone Mode
  • Phablet Mode
  • Tablet Mode

Samsung slideable phone to have four different modes

Samsung slideable device to have four different modes

You can use the Band Mode when you are on foot in a busy environment. The second mode is the regular Phone mode , in which it has the same size as a classic smartphone such as the Galaxy S23.

The third one is Phablet mode , in which the screen slides out on one side. Fourth one is Tablet mode, the other side also slides out, so that the size resembles that of a compact tablet.

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