Samsung to empower women with skills to become technicians in the heat pump industry

Today’s generation’s development and evolution have equal participation of women, seeing the same reference to Samsung led to boost the women empowerment while growth in the European heat pump market increases demand for upskilling a diverse workforce, where women seem more active with skills to become technicians in the heat pump industry.

Europe’s heat pump market is growing rapidly 

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported an 11% global increase in heat pump sales between 2021 and 2022, specifically in Europe, with a 49% growth in air-to-water heat pump sales. Samsung Electronics’ heat pump offerings continue to innovate the way European homes can be heated, as Europe’s energy landscape shifts. This depicts that the heat pump market is up in flares.

Across Europe increasing urgency to find an alternative to fossil fuel boilers, as well as government decarbonization targets and a population more and more conscious of their impact on the environment. Heat pumps could reduce CO2 emissions by half a billion tons by 2030 as they replace fossil fuel boilers, the words of the IEA’s recent study.

U.K. government announcements to support heat pump training

Well, at present the situation is facing a shortage of trained technicians to cope with this increase in demand. Followed which the U.K. government announcements to support heat pump training are a positive sign in an industry growing rapidly month on month, however, more progress is needed, recently. In order to hit the potential growth it needs to accelerate progress to shift perceptions towards low-carbon heating and increase the rate of installations.

It emerges the need to create a larger, more diverse workforce. Women, for example, represent just 2% of the heating industry in the U.K.

Women within the Climate Solutions team for industry change and growth

Samsung Climate Solutions UK is empowering the women within the Climate Solutions team and beyond are driving forward business growth and industry change. Aimee Holloran recently joined the Samsung Climate Solutions team as Business Development Manager for heat pumps.

She began her path with a plumbing apprenticeship, receiving National Vocational Qualifications (Levels 2 and 3) and winning BBC Young Plumber of the Year in 2010. After this, she transitioned into sales development and found her true passion in low-carbon heating.

Holloran said when speaking on her experience in the heating industry.

“In my time on the tools, I’d often get asked if I could lift a boiler or do what the men on my course or team could. Of course, I can, but a lot of the job is down to technique, not pure strength, and anybody can learn that.”

“It’s a wonderful industry for anyone to get involved in and this isn’t restricted to women.” “As the renewable and low-carbon industry grows, there are huge growth opportunities for women looking for a purpose in their job. One of my biggest satisfactions is delivering training presentations and sales pitches to convert people to this low-carbon technology.”

Thereafter, the Managing Director of Your Energy Your Way, Leah Robson worked with Samsung for over 10 years. She belongs to a not-for-profit renewable and heat pump installation company.

Her story is unique, as she originally trained in IT before switching to the renewable and low-carbon heating installation after having children, pursuing her desire to make a difference in mitigating climate change. She now works to encourage others, specifically women, to do the same.

Leah Robson shared words about her experience and objective. 

“I set up Your Energy Your Way in 2018 specifically to bring more women into the industry.” “Since then, the business has grown organically, with turnover trebling since its foundation, and increasing demand for our services installing and integrating Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Batteries and EV charging.”

“In the last year, our workforce has expanded to seven yet our ability to meet the demand for renewable energy and low-carbon heating solutions is still constrained by its size.” “As part of this, we are working to establish a female traineeship scheme to support the training and development of the next wave of technicians. It’s a really rewarding job where you work with great, passionate people dedicated to changing the way we heat our homes.”

Samsung fixes goal is to orient women and boost their potential while upbringing their skills in front. It is determined to empower women with skills to become technicians in the heat pump industry and support organizations such as Your Energy Your Way. Hope all women will bloom to hear that.

Samsung Growth in the European Heat Pump Image 1

(Aimee Holloran, Business Development Manager at Samsung Climate Solutions UK)

Samsung Growth in the European Heat Pump Image

(Leah Robson, Managing Director at Your Energy Your Way)

Samsung Growth in the European Heat Pump

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