Samsung launches Bespoke Wind Free AC for Window [Window Fit]

The South Korean tech giant Samsung launches the 2023 Bespoke Windless AC for Windows in Korea. Window Fit is an integrated indoor unit and an outdoor unit which you use in any window.

Samsung is now more focused on WindFree AC for its entire lineup, from stand type to wall-mounted type (Split AC), ceiling type, and window type. Bespoke windless air conditioner window fit applies about 21,000 fine windless holes on the front of the product to blow out cool air without direct wind, so you can enjoy a more pleasant coolness.

According to the official information the power consumption can be reduced by up to 74% compared to the MAX cooling mode. The blade is now enlarged in size, and rotates at an angle widened from 35 degrees to 50 degrees in the center of the product. A cooling fan that is about 17% larger is applied, and the cooling capacity is increased by 3.3 ㎡ compared to the existing product, delivering cold air faster to every corner of the room.

Samsung Bespoke Wind Free AC for Window

Samsung Bespoke Window Wind Free AC Price

Bespoke Windless Air Conditioner Window Fit is available in four colours – natural white, canvas grey, sage green, and champagne beige and the price is 1.09 million won.

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