SEMES a subsidiary of Samsung got a sharp decline last year

According to the latest report, SEMES, the largest equipment maker in Korea and a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, got a sharp decline last year. The result came due to a downfall of equipment demand in the semiconductor industry. In particular, if you look at SEMES’ equipment sales by region last year, the proportion of Samsung Electronics’ Chinese subsidiary decreased significantly. This is explained by the aftermath of US sanctions against China.

If we look at the sales record, SEMES sales were 2.8892 trillion won and an operating profit of 219.3 billion won last year. Compared to 2021, sales decreased by 7.6% and operating profit decreased by 38%. It fell to the 2 trillion won level again in a year after recording 3 trillion won in sales for the first time last year. SEMES is the largest semiconductor and display equipment company in Korea. Samsung Electronics owns 91.5% of the shares.

Samsung SEMES News

By region, SEMES’ main customers as of last year were Samsung Electronics (78.8%), Samsung China (7.6%), Samsung Display (4.6%), and Samsung Austin (0.6%). Among them, the decrease in sales in China was significant.

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