Google Drive limiting number of files store on an account

Google has newly introduced limits to storing files in the cloud storage on an account. Recently came to the attention of a few Google Drive users, that a notice has been alarming on their accounts that say that the account has reached its “creation limit” and won’t accept any new files until existing ones are deleted.

Free accounts and Paid both kinds of accounts enforced limiting store files 

The issue is enforced for both free accounts as well as those subscribed to Google Workspace and Google One. On the total number of files stored in Google Drive at five million items, the file limit in place puts a hard ceiling. Bothering not to the file size and the type the recent limit is a simple count of the number of files in your online storage bucket.

This also includes items stored in the trash (which is automatically emptied every 30 days). When that limit is reached (or if the account has already exceeded it), Google Drive shows the following message.

This account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items. To create more items, move items to the trash and delete them forever

Prior to the limit being enforced, a user reports having seven million items in their account after which the account is no longer able to add any new files. Effectively, that user and anyone else in the same situation are locked out of their accounts. with the files stored now in a “read-only” mode.

Google has yet to speak out publicly about the limiting store files 

Google officially has a limit to some users via support but has yet to speak out publicly about it. There’s no documentation in Google’s ocean of support pages, and there’s also no mention within Drive. Notably, Google also gave no warning to users who had already reached and/or surpassed the limit.

Dropbox, another cloud storage service, mentions a soft limit of 300,000 files for syncing to a computer. But it’s not a total file limit for the account. Google has documented a total file limit on files that can be shared through Google Drive (400,000). But there’s never been any such limit on storage.

Google Drive limiting number of files store on an account

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