On the occasion of Samsung Bespoke 5th anniversary, discounts are up on Refrigerators until May 2023

Samsung will provide a decent discount on the occasion of Samsung Bespoke’s 5th anniversary in Korea. Under the ‘Bespoke Panel Discount Event’, Samsung will offer discounts until May 31st for those who purchase Bespoke Refrigerators and Bespoke Kimchi Plus.

The company is all set to give 50% discount on panel and refrigerators. The models targeted for the event are Bespoke Refrigerator Kitchen Fit 4-door/1-door and Bespoke Kimchi Plus Kitchen Fit 4-door/1-door products.

In addition, if you participate in the event by June 30 after product installation, you will receive a 50% discount coupon exclusively for Samsung.com that can be used when replacing Bespoke refrigerator panels in line with moving or interior changes.

The coupon can also be used when purchasing the ‘Bespoke Prism 360’ panel, which can have over 16.7 billion color combinations based on a 4-door refrigerator. Existing panels can also be stored and replaced as needed to create a colorful kitchen. Discount coupons for replacement panels can be used until December 31, 2023.

Samsung Refrigerators

The company has recently launched a 2023 Bespoke refrigerator with enhanced energy consumption efficiency and significantly increased convenience, thanks to SmartThings. The new product improves the efficiency of core parts and adds an AI function to reduce the burden of electricity costs for consumers.

For more information visit the Samsung Korea website.

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