Renowned streamers SypherPK and NickEH30 introduce Odyssey Universe

Reportedly, an exciting piece of information for gamers all around, as Samsung Electronics has opened Odyssey Universe. Since a new customized map has been developed in Fortnite. The same is the most well-known TPS (Third-Person Shooter) games that comprise millions of players worldwide.

Also, the Odyssey universe was encouraged by the Samsung Odyssey monitor lineup. It gives a new dimension to gamers with its distinctive identity and futuristic designs. Gamers can traverse worlds in the Odyssey Universe. Whereby traveling in starlight and achieving missions in unique levels that scatter across the map.

Renowned Streamers Introduce the Odyssey Universe

In order to celebrate the release of Odyssey Universe, Samsung appreciated world-renowned streamers SypherPK and NickEH30. This is to explore the Odyssey Universe and thus interact with its worldwide fans.

“It was a great map with amazing detail. Every mini-game played well and was exciting. It was great playing with NickEH30 as we have collaborated plenty of times before!” – SypherPK

“Playing the Odyssey Universe map with SypherPK was so much fun! I have a Samsung Odyssey monitor, so seeing it in person and then in-game, recreated perfectly, was very cool! SypherPK and I just finished and I already want to jump back into the map and play again to beat my scores!” – NickEH30

Exploring the Odyssey Universe with Leading Features

The first and foremost thing that gamers meet in Odyssey Universe is a big lobby. Whereas, five distinctive worlds are there in the lobby. And each of them has a separate mission. These worlds comprise levels Ark, G9, G8, G7, and G6 are persuaded by and their name implies after the Odyssey gaming lineup.

While moving forward to look upon the Level Ark. It offers a mission to escape from a maze by responding to Odyssey-based questions. While, in order to unlock various pathways, the players will have to utilize all the knowledge they carry regarding Odyssey monitors.

Dash ahead, level G9 was inspired by the Odyssey Neo G9, an amazingly large display that appears and feels like two monitors aggregate into one. In this Level G9, gamers need to get a golf ball to land in the hole.

The Level G8 showcases a racing track with a lot of curves. Since it demonstrates the curvature of the Odyssey Neo G8 (1000R) and Odyssey OLED G8 (1800R) respectively.  This racing opens the new dimensions of a huge 360° universe for a mesmerizing experience.

Talking about Level G7, which is designed as a shooting range. Here, gamers need to hit all their targets in the allotted time frame.

At Level G6, gamers require to collect tokens within an overwhelming huge shopping mall in an assigned time. Here, gamers will see Odyssey gaming monitors in the stores and bump into all the Samsung Odyssey monitors as they hunt for their objectives.

Renowned streamers SypherPK and NickEH30 introduce Odyssey Universe

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