Google Drive: Tablet redesign with navigation rail

Google Drive has been long anticipated for its large-screen redesign on Android tablets so that people can get their work done with an Android tablet with more availability…..!!

In the official post, Workspace Updates blog  Google let aware workspace accounts enrolled for “Rapid Release” that they’ll gonna soon be served with the new look for Google Drive on Android tablets. Most notably, the redesign ditches the bottom navigation bar in favor of a side-mounted navigation rail.

As part of certain changes now rail also contains the “plus” FAB for creating new files/folders, as well as a button to expand/collapse the drawer in addition to the usual tabs (such as Home, Starred, Shared, and Files). There where the search bar has decided to shrink enough instead occupying the full width of the screen. While buttons for help, settings, and your profile have been added to the top-right corner. Below that search bar, the tabs for things like “Suggested” files and “Notifications” now take up much less space.

Making it more optimized Google held its Drive most of the additional screen real estate of an Android tablet. As shown in Google’s provided side-by-side example, more individual files. And also controls can be seen on-screen while remaining relatively uncluttered.

Google has been pouring a significant amount of design work into its man Workspace apps. At present redesign arrives on the heels of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides web apps all getting a new coat of paint by way of Material You. Between an increased emphasis on larger screens and the recent series of Material You upgrades.

Well, the those not enrolled for Rapid Release, this tablet-ready design of Google Drive should arrive to more Android users starting on April 3.

Google Drive officially arrive with large-screen redesign on Android tablets (1)

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