YouTube Music can auto-download recently played songs on Android

YouTube Music is now having a new “Smart downloads” feature that can “automatically download recently played songs” with a new setting on Android….!!

The premium subscriber can sense the new “Recently played songs” toggle in Settings > Downloads & storage. On devices, it is a service and is independent of the existing smart downloads feature. Which is based on music that the app deems to be “favorites” and over 500 songs in the count.

“We’ll download up to 200 of your recently played songs.”

YouTube Music can auto-download recently played songs on Android

Prior, in February 2023 YouTube Music’s auto-download feature has been mentioned New Features Highlights, wide availability on Android in mid-January. There does not appear to be a dedicated playlist for Recently played songs in the Library tab. They presumably appear when you use the “Downloads” app shortcut by long-pressing the home screen icon.

The Recently played song’s setting has yet to be announced for YouTube Music on iOS. However, that same list of New Features touts the launch of Smart Downloads for iPhone and iPad earlier this year, as well as “bug fixes” on Android:

If you explicitly delete a Smart Downloads recommended playlist, our systems should make note of this feedback so that we do not recommend the same music to you in future playlists.

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