Samsung preparing small all-solid-state battery parts

Jang Deok-Hyun, the president of Samsung Electro-Mechanics stated, “We are preparing small solid battery components.” Further, he also said, “If we have the technology to make a prototype, we will take a separate time to explain it.” These statements are said by the president during the Q&A session, which is conducted after the 15th General Shareholders meeting.

In addition to this, Deok-Hyun also expresses his view, Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ is competent in making laminated ceramic capacitors. He also mentions that Samsung has the technology in order to develop them into solid oxides at high temperatures. Further, he added, with the technology-based, the company is preparing small solid-state batteries or parts for green energy. While, when it going to ready with the prototype, they explain it in a separate session.

“For component companies like Samsung Electro-Mechanics, if traditional IT products such as smartphones and PCs have dominated the market in the past 10 years, the demand for electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, servers, and network components will lead the market in the next 10 years,” Zhang said. “We will prepare to ride the waves of the battlefield and automobiles,” he said, emphasizing that “Samsung Electro-Mechanics is an auto parts company.”

He predicted, “This year, the automobile market will grow by 3% year-on-year, and digital contents and electronic components for automobiles will grow by at least 20~30% due to the influence of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.” “With the growth of the automotive market, it is important that the demand for automotive parts will increase significantly,” he said, adding, “If the vehicle camera module also supports advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, the number of vehicle camera modules will increase from two to 2~10.”

Additionally, the same implies to MLCC as well. If 3000~1,5000 MLCCs are required for general automobiles. While more than 2000, 3000 MLCCs are used in high-performance electric vehicles as well as in autonomous vehicles, Zhang said.

“The PC market, which was stable in the past, grew excessively during COVID-19,” he said, adding, “If we return to the pre-COVID-19 level, we can proceed with the flow.” “FC-BGA also has a larger substrate area and 2~3 times more layers (compared to PC),” he explained, “Server, cloud, automobile, and network-side semiconductor substrates become larger and the number of layers increases.” He predicted, “The growth rate may be small this year, but if you look at 3~5 years, there will be a significant level of demand.”

According to President Jang Deok-Hyun, he having their predictions with respect to enhanced AI techs,

“In the next 10 years, led by automobiles, etc., the demand for robots and aerospace electronic components will increase in the next 10 years due to the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as ChatGPT.”

Zhang expect that in the fullness of time, demand for high value semiconductor subtrates inlcudes flip chip (FC)-ball grid array (BGA) will be solid. Amidst FC-BGAs, the supply and demand of FC-BGAs for PC become latestly eased.

“Samsung Electro-Mechanics will focus its capabilities on electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and servers, which are currently growing, and make phased preparations for robots, aerospace, and energy in the future.”

Also, in regards to the business environment, this year the smartphone market is speculated to raise by 1% from last year to 11.9000 billion units. On the other hand, the PC market is predicted to grow 11% to 2 million units. Whereas, automobiles are suppose to grow by 5900 percent to 3 million units. And servers by 8400 percent to 2.1520 million units respectively.

President Jang Deok-Hyun said, “The outlook for global economic growth this year is mixed, and it is difficult to judge the timing of the overall economic recovery at this time,” but added, “Samsung Electro-Mechanics will achieve sales growth that exceeds the growth rate of the aftermarket market.”

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