Samsung advertise expanded semiconductor subfab automation

Reportedly Samsung Electronics enlarge the commencement of its automation facilities for sub-fabs. This provides special gases and chemicals that are being used in semiconductor processes. While this facility is a device that brought chemicals via an external tank lorry to the pipe. This is done without human-hands intervention with the help of a special device. Whereas, Samsung Electronics has gone through the launch of automobile facilities in new fabs. This upgradation is done in new fabs including the Pyeongtaek V1 fab. While, the company has consistently initiated this equipment to existing old fabs also, since last year.

Concurrently, Samsung is advertising its subfab automation in order to prevent safety accidents. Notably, it is being reported that subfab automation is stretched as a result of the Serious Accident Punishment Law. The same was executed early last year.

On 16 March, as per the semiconductor and engineering industry, the South Korean giant launched an automatic clean coupler system ACQC alongside with drum logistics automation system. These systems are applied to their subfabs intended to prevent chemical-related safety accidents.

As per one of the industry insider said, “I understand that the new fab (Samsung) recently completed is equipped with all the automation facilities, and this facility has been applied to the existing fab (old fab) since last year.”

Talking about semiconductor fabs then it can be majorly classified into main fabs, where clean rooms are placed for chip production and transportation. Whereas, the subfabs, are responsible to supply and discharge electricity, gas, etc.

ACQC and Drum logistic Automation Systems

Both ACQC and drum logistic automation systems are provided by Hanyang EENG. They have the charge of supplying Samsung Electronics’ subfab utility equipment. This would carry out the operation of creating and supplying in 2019.

An industry insider said, “We are making efforts to automate the semiconductor industry as a whole, and (Samsung Electronics) will expand the application of automation facilities to the old fab.”

The company’s motive is to avoid the “risk of sanctions” which is caused by the Serious Accident Punishment Law. Notably, this came into highlight last year. Also, serious accident penalties are regulations that can put prison sentences on the CEO of the firm or the individual in charge of safety management if a worker dies due to an accident in the workplace.

Expert from the semiconductor industry stated, “Since the implementation of the Serious Accident Punishment Act, various improvement measures have been implemented to prevent safety accidents in the semiconductor industry,” adding, “Policies and investments are being made to prevent downtime due to serious accidents because semiconductor production companies cannot afford the risk of downtime due to serious accidents.”

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