2024 Android 15 dessert-themed code name is Vanilla Ice Cream

Google Android 14 is expected to be released in late August 2023. The company will be following its regular release schedule for the upcoming OS version. The operating system is currently in its first developer preview. For your information, the Android 14, codename is Upside Down Cake. However, thanks to folk such as Mishaal Rahman, now we have a detail of the Android 15 code name.

The Android 15 is expected to be released in 2024. According to the information, the next year’s Android 15 will be codenamed Vanilla Ice Cream. The code name is directly visible from Google’s own code.

Google is working on new enhancements and features, so if it doesn’t make it in the current build, there’s always a chance that it might be pushed to a later update.

We need to wait for such news, currently, we’re only just beginning to get a taste of Android 14’s Upside Down Cake, the next Android 14 is expected to release in March 2023.

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Google Android 15

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