Samsung Galaxy S23 facing another problem after February 2023 update

Samsung Galaxy S23 series models were recently upgraded to the February 2023 security update. After the update, there are several new reports are coming from Samsung’s official forum that the adaptive refresh rate feature failed and applications like Google Play Store are frozen. Apart from the above issue, the Galaxy S23 series smartphones also had problems such as excessive power consumption, fast charging failure, and WiFi disconnection.

Galaxy S23 Series Bug/Issue: Power consumption is too fast

A user noted “I’ve set the screen resolution to the lowest, but the battery life barely reaches 20 hours. What am I doing wrong?”

S23 Ultra Battery Drain

Galaxy S23 Series Bug/Issue: Fast charge failure

One user commented: “I enabled fast charging in the settings. Even though the phone interface says it is charging, it does not support fast charging at all. I have a total of 7 different Samsung official chargers, the result is the same. Two 25W and 5 45W charging. I even bought 3 new cables, but the problem persists.

Wi-Fi disconnection issue

S23 Ultra Wi-Fi disconnection issue issue

The device freezes after some apps crash

S23 Ultra Device freeze

Heat occurs after turning on the camera

S23 Ultra Heat Issue

Wireless charging is not supported

S23 Ultra Wireless Charging issue

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is already facing screen defect issue around the globe.

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