Android Auto: Fix the Google Assistant and GPS related issues

Might this not be the first time you are going to know that Android Auto is a great tool for music, navigation, and handling incoming calls or texts? Also, it tends to have bugs here and there which were unfortunate. The major counted problems that a Google Assistant that doesn’t respond or a lost GPS signal. That needed to be fixed thus they cleared the mess.

So, here in this guide, we bought these problems are fixable and the below steps will give you a good chance of mediating them. The non-responding issue is a Google Assistant or has issues when the magic hot words are used. Another one is Google Maps not being able to locate your GPS signal, even though using it on your phone would work completely fine. While absolutely frustrating, both of these have a fix. Check it out below…

Google Assistant not responding to “Hey, Google”

For whatever reason, there exists a bug in Android Auto that causes Google Assistant to have a couple of issues when called upon. Only when saying “Hey, Google” some users have found that their displays or taskbars turn completely black. Oddly enough, tapping the mic icon will set Google Assistant to listen for any commands. Only the hot word functionality is broken in this issue.

Since that issue has been making the rounds, Google has applied a fix in the newest Google app update ( Users should be able to access Google Assistant via voice commands, after the update. Included in that update is the ability to ask Google Assistant about your trip by saying phrases like, “What’s my ETA?” or, “What’s my next turn?”

Google Maps not able to find the GPS location

Sudden loss of GPS signal when using Google Maps with Android Auto is something really frustrating. To fix this, Google put out a fix to the Google Maps app on Android. With the newest version (11.66.0602), users are able to navigate using an accurate GPS signal. Instansively where Google Maps will think you’ve suddenly gone underground and have completely lost signal. Operating on the mobile version of Google Maps would say differently, as in most cases there clearly is a GPS signal.

In a situation experiencing either of these issues, ensure all of your apps are updated properly. From there, you should see fixes in Android Auto for those specific issues.

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