Samsung Camera Assistant App now supports One UI 5.1, Galaxy S23 and more

Samsung has recently launched the new Galaxy S23 Series and now a new version of the Camera Assistant App is now available. In November last year, the company released the updated Expert RAW camera app and it arrived on the Galaxy S22 series first. The brand new Camera Assistant gives you manual control over some automatic camera features.

The new Camera Assistant app allows you to disable the video recording option in photo mode, you can also set how many photos to capture when using the timer feature – 1, 3, 5 or 7.

Now, the company has started rolling out the new app update to the Camera Assistant App with version and it is now available through the Galaxy Store. Download the latest version from the Galaxy Store (link) or via Good Lock.

Samsung Camera Assistant App Version Changelog

Support new features : S23, S22 ONEUI5.1 MR

1. Add Picture softening step
-OFF / 50 (addition) / 100

2. Add Capture Speed Step
-Speed priority, picture quality precondition

3. Timer multi-photo options
-In addition of shooting intervals (currently 1.5 seconds fixed) settings

4. Dim screen while recording
-The function to set the screen dark when shooting video

5. Quick tap shutter
– Take pictures as soon as your finger touches the Shutter button instead of when you lift it off. You can still swipe or press and hold the Shutter button to capture GIFs, burst shots, and videos, but a picture will be taken too.

– The description text has been modified.
– A color palette icon has been applied.

You can disable the Automatic lens switching so that you will get manual control over which lens to use. Typically, you set the zoom and the phone decides which camera will work the best for that zoom in the given lighting conditions.

Samsung Camera Assistant update


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