Samsung Good Lock 2023 gets a new icon [Mid-winter weather]

Samsung Good Lock provides plenty of customization options usually found in custom ROMs. Good Lock’s modules in every new One UI version get new features. Now, Good Lock’s 2023 gets a new icon. The new Good Lock icon caption is “The mid-winter weather in charge of function is bitter and cold! Be careful not to catch a cold!” (Translated Korea -> English)

Samsung Good Lock New Logo

Back in 2022, Samsung introduced several new features in Good Lock models and it includes a verticle app drawer, SoundAssistant get a voice changer built-in, One Hand Operation+ gets a redesign of the quick tools panel to better fit with the look of Material You.

Theme Park received the ability to use third-party icon packs from the Play Store to theme your home screen. The best part is ClockFace is now able to sync the clock on your lockscreen and Always On Display with your Galaxy Watch.

Apart from the above changes, Samsung also updates its Wonderland, Nice Shot, Multistar, and Keys Cafe modules with the latest One UI 5 support.

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