18 reasons to switch to a Samsung Phone

Opting for a new smartphone can be exciting but switching to a completely different mobile ecosystem sometimes proves to be hectic. Since a mobile phone is such a key aspect of anybody life’s as it contains essential details. While the switch from all those habitual apps, subscriptions, content, files, and photos will cause devastation.

While in actuality, switching phones isn’t that hard. Whereas, the free services from giant makers such as Samsung handle everything. Thus, replacing an iPhone with a Samsung is not cumbersome these days. It’s simply like updating an old Galaxy to the newest S23 Series or Z Series.

Therefore, to make you understand why you must opt for Samsung phones. Here we come up with this article that highlights specific points, have a look at the same.


Samsung phones are well known for their multitasking capabilities, and the same comes at the top of everything.

Samsung always implements the best of everything especially in terms of software and hardware as well. Its device is equipped with expansive screens to give the user, a crisp and ever-lasting experience. All these make these devices a perfect suit for multitasking.

The Android app ecosystem

Since there is a hell number of apps to choose from. In terms of apps, the Google Play store has continued to keep its legacy to be the world’s largest app store. Although, in contrast, here we consider the quality not the number of apps.

Office Productivity

Now with support for multiple apps and platforms, you are able to work the moment you power up your Smartphone. It means it is easy to access Microsoft Office and Google Workspace.

Additionally, Microsoft and Samsung have tied up in order to integrate Office on its most recent Galaxy devices.

Samsung DeX

Samsung Dex conveniently enables your Smartphone to switch into a full desktop experience. This is achieved by connecting it to a monitor or smart TV, alongside pairing a keyboard and mouse.

Long-lasting battery and power-sharing

These days, you don’t need to worry about the battery life of Samsung phones. Since latest Smartphones are powered by Super Fast Charging that pulls up to 45 watts of power when plugged in. While the adaptive power-saving mode enables various days of battery life.

Knox security

Samsung Knox has a complete set of security features that covers both the hardware and software levels. Apart from large enterprises, all Samsung Galaxy users are all applicable to get real-time protection, the time they turn on their devices.

Advanced biometric protection

Samsung Galaxy devices have already frozen their position after introducing advanced biometric authentication options. Notably, the Ultrasonic fingerprint ID was first launched in Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+. Additionally, it also uses an innovative display sensor in order to create a 3D image of your fingerprint.

Samsung Pass

For those, who are not being aware then Samsung Pass is a free password management service. The same acts like a vault for login credentials. Moreover, you can use Samsung Pass jointly with your biometrics. Thus, it enables you to sign in to the majority of your most-used apps and websites with a single tap.

Secure Folder

Secure Folder is act like a container on your device, and it needs some additional authentication to open. In this way, one can confidentially save their pieces of stuff using Secure Folder. While, it also lets you decide to unlock your secure folder through various modes such as password, PIN, or biometric authentication.

Privacy prioritized

With the help privacy Dashboard, one can able to know which apps have access to your camera, mic, location, and contacts. Therefore, any apps that use permission that you don’t want to allow then you can instantly deny it.

Find My Mobile service

Find My Mobile service is one of the free services that help to track your lost phone. It did this by using location information, collecting by Google and data opt through wireless networks. By tapping it ON, you can able to find your Samsung device from any web browser.

My Files app

This is another essential app, that helps to store the content in an organized manner without relying on the type of structure.

Task automation

Bixby Routines enable Samsung Galaxy users to utilize a set-it-and-forget-it method for everyday tasks. It conveniently schedules your daily routine, would be at work, at the gym, or anywhere else, the Bixby Routine makes things automated for you.

Smart home controls

This is one of the smart apps of this time, that reduces your task of doing daily routine stuff. The SmartThings make Galaxy Users refer to a single device for all their notification and control every single thing from the thermostat to the TV, so you can focus during the workday and relax after hours. As it works with a huge range of connected devices.

Samsung Health

This is an all-in-one app to track your overall health. Since, Samsung Health helps you to monitor your nutrition, track your fitness goals and even practice meditating. It becomes more productive when used with a Galaxy smartwatch.

A wearable ecosystem

Samsung has an amazing range of smartwatches and wireless earbuds to go for it. Also on integration with each other, they work all along in order to form a seamless Galaxy ecosystem.

Greater customization

Samsung phones offer a wide range of customization that hardly any OEM offer. It runs on top of the One UI interface that brings numerous options. It enables to customize home screen’s app icons, wallpaper, and widgets. Additionally, you can use the Quick Panel to find frequently accessed settings such as brightness, Wi-Fi, and sound.

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