5 tips to boost your productivity using Galaxy S23 Ultra and S Pen

The S Pen is a magic stick for work, that makes you to use your phone more superficially and creatively wherever your workday takes you. To the very next moment upon slipping the S Pen from its slot on the bottom of S23 Ultra. It displays the Air Command menu pop up. This is where you can easily and quickly access tools and shortcuts, as it makes the S Pen a powerful and productive tool for business user.

Therefore, here we cover the five tips that torque up your productivity using the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S Pen:

1. Take notes and make to-dos

With tapping from the Air Command menu, it open Samsung Notes and allows you to write with real pen on paper feel. Also, in order to jot down takeaways during meetings, use Samsung Notes. It also facilitate to insert images or voice recrodings into your Notes.

While, your saved Notes are safely stored in the cloud, it makes you to revisit and update them at any point of time.

2. Select and annotate

A single click away in the Air Command menu is Smart Select. This is a tool that quickly snip anthing just by simply drawing a box or free hand lasso around it. While, once selected you can add annotations, extract text and much more.

3. Translate between 30+ languages

This translate feature in the Air Command menu allows you to frequently interpret emails or documents in more than 30 languages. It work very simply by just choosing your source and target language and see the translation instantly.

4. Write on the lock screen

After you aware with the functionalty of S Pen and Air Command on Galaxy S23 Ultra, there’s a turn of the Advanced Features menu in settings. This open up the gates of additional capabilities like the “Screen off memo” option. As the name indicates, it useful tool that allows you to take a note without even unlocking the display.

5. Set gestures

The S Pen’s built in Bluetooth makes it to use as a remote control. The button that present at the side of the Pen brings you to the Air Actions menu. Whereby, you can see multiple gestures that can use with the select apps for maximum producitvity. While Camera app is one of the finest example of the S Pen’s button in order to take a pictures or to start and stop video .

Do more with S

S Pen makes you enable to do more which you even not think of and allows to use your device at its best. Since, there’s no individual purchase needed as S Pen is in built in the Galaxy S23 to use device capabilities at its fullest.

Galaxy S23 Ultra S Pen

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