Samsung 16GB LPDDR5X and 1TB UFS 3.1 multi-chip packaging technology (14nm-based DRAM)

The upcoming CES 2023 is officially scheduled for January 5th to 8th. Ahead of that, the South Korean tech giant, Samsung had many innovative products awards during the CTA winner list. Such as the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung S3B512C security chip, Samsung 16GB LPDDR5X+1TB UFS 3.1 multi-chip packaging technology, etc.

Samsung’s 16GB LPDDR5X and 1TB UFS 3.1 multi-chip packaging technology is the first product to integrate 14nm-based 16GB LPDDR5X DRAM.

Samsung 16GB LPDDR5X

The Samsung CTA Innovation Award also includes AI home appliances, SmartThings Energy, Samsung 990 PRO SSD 2TB solid-state hard drive, automotive NVMe BGA SSD 1TB (AM991), 512GB CXL memory card, Samsung ISOCELL HP3 CMOS sensor, Samsung W920+RF 6550 Next Generation Wearable Enhancements and more.

Also, Samsung’s seventh-generation quad-level storage unit (QLC) V-NAND 1TB UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 3.1, shows a technological leap ahead of the industry.

Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition — As the ultimate foldable smartphone for self-expression.

Galaxy Z Fold4 — Honored in the Digital Imaging/Photography, Mobile Devices & Accessories and Gaming categories.

Check the full list here.


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