Steps to disable Samsung RAM Plus and reclaim your Galaxy phone’s storage

Samsung being an innovator always used to come with useful and essential features. One such kind is the introduction of a virtual memory feature called RAM Plus. This feature is being launched with Galaxy S21 series in early 2021. After that, the same has been brought over to certain other flagships as well as mid-range Galaxy phones.

RAM Plus uses part of your device’s internal storage as virtual memory in order to further expand the amount of RAM available. This is to ascertain to keep more apps in memory and reopen them quickly when needed.

Option to disable RAM Plus added with One UI 4.1 and with One UI 5.0

The time when this feature was first introduced, it doesn’t give you the option to select how much storage space you dedicate to it. And with the addition of One UI 4.1 and with One UI 5.0. The company has also added the option to disable RAM Plus altogether.

More and less, it’s one of the essential and interesting features, while most people may not notice the difference. Additionally, it comes enabled by default on devices that support it. It usually captures the 4GB of storage space to act as virtual memory. At the same time, it’s quite easy to disable the same and reclaim all the storage that has been used by RAM Plus.

Disabling RAM Plus could give you a few extra gigabytes

  • Open your phone or tablet’s Settings app,
  • Navigate to Battery and device care, tap Memory, scroll to the bottom and tap RAM Plus,
  • And use the toggle at the top right of the screen to disable the feature.

While the same menu also lets you select how much internal storage is used as virtual memory. Also on flagship phones and tablets, we don’t think RAM Plus enabled has any benefits. Therefore turning it off is the best course of action.

In contrast, if you have enough storage available on your Galaxy device and don’t occupy filling it up for a long time then better to leave it enabled. However, it may not show any noticeable gains but keeping it enabled has no side effects though.

At last, just keep in mind that if your device storage is starting to fill to the most. Then disabling RAM Plus could give you a few extra gigabytes. Either you have to resort to deleting stuff in order to make space for new files.

One UI 5 RAM Plus


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