How to set Video wallpaper on your Samsung phone

Create your Samsung Galaxy handset to stick out via video wallpapers. Altering your wallpaper is one of the superior methods to create your handset feel new and powerful again. Because it’s the first thing you view after backing out your handset and unlocking it.

It does not what style you choose, you can always detect a wallpaper that fits you and show how you feel. But sometimes, a fixed wallpaper just doesn’t remove it. So, let’s move on to know the step for setting a wallpaper in your Samsung handset.

Step to place a Video as Your Lock Screen Wallpaper-

  • Click to open the Samsung Gallery app.
  • And then keep out your preferred video.
  • Click on the three dots menu and choose Set as wallpaper for the Lock screen.
  • If your video is quite lengthy, click the scissors icon to cut it down to 15 seconds or smaller,
  • And then click on Done.
  • But mark that live video wallpapers can’t be more than 100MB in size.
  • Once done, click to Set on the Lock screen, and you’re better to move.

Steps to Set a Video as Your Home Screen Wallpaper-

  • Launch Good Lock and detect the Wonderland module inside the Family menu. Upon clicking the module,
  • Click on the app that will divert you to the Galaxy Store, where you can install it.
  • Click to open Wonderland and click on the New Gallery and choose an image.
  • But don’t be concerned about it because it won’t be shown in the final outcome.
  • Go to the bottom right of your screen and then click on the App to Layer button after that choose Video.

Set Video Wallpapers On Samsung Phones

  • Select your preferred video from your gallery, modify its length, and click Done.
  • The video will come on top of the image you select too soon.
  • Simply rescale the video to protect the screen preview completely, and then click on Save.
  • Provide this custom and specified a name and then click to Save again.
  • Once completed, you’ll view a preview of your video wallpaper.
  • If you’re glad about the outcomes.
  • Then click on Set as wallpaper.
  • After that choose whether to implement it to just the home screen or both the home and lock screens.
  • If you’re not happy with the final outcomes, you can always move back to the Wonderland module and improve your saved specified wallpaper.
  • But assure that your video has sufficient resolution and is in the right proportion after setting it as your wallpaper.
  • Or the result might come not be clear.
  • For example, if your handset has a QHD screen and you utilize a video with Full HD resolution, the wallpaper might be unpleasant.


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