Samsung grabbed 20 million more orders for Apple’s iPhone 14 series panels

Apple lately host the conference where it launched the iPhone 14 series of their smartphones, the omen was held on Sep-8th. Samsung has made available the exclusive OLED display to Apple on its newly launched iPhone 14.

Apple seems does not to take any chance in regards to superiority grade supply. There it reverted to its contestant for all the best choices. iPhone 14 Pro has something to offer that no other phone in the market does. And during the last night’s launch seemly it was promoting the fact they gain from Samsung. Let’s have a look at what’s the matter.

One month to buy the Apple iPhone 14 Pro

The traffic of users is constantly increasing for buying the new iPhone 14. This caused Apple to open the pre-orders of the new iPhone 14 series for the first time. In the same era fans also has to face the inability to confirm purchases and web page crashes. At present, you have to wait at least one month, if you want to buy the Apple iPhone 14 Pro on the official website. Which is showing the high sales of the Apple iPhone 14 series during this time.

Samsung received about 20 million orders for Apple’s iPhone 14 series panels

According to the report made by THE ELEC, More LTPO OLED panels are currently being ordered from Samsung. As the sales of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro series models have exceeded Apple’s expectations. Previously, Samsung expected to produce 130 million OLED panels for iPhones. At present, this number has risen to 149 million, which means that Samsung has received about 20 million more orders for Apple’s iPhone 14 series panels.

Samsung has ordered more equipment to meet Apple’s needs to make iPhone panels from upstream suppliers. Such as AP Systems and Philoptics and plans to manufacture iPhone panels at a factory in Vietnam.

In the past 3 months, Apple has ordered more than 15 million iPhone 14 series panels. And Samsung, Samsung cannot be defined by any adjective beyond all, throughout the June-August period, Samsung successfully fulfilled up to 82% of its iPhone 14 series panel orders.


Binding up…

At the end of August, Samsung was the only supplier to supply Apple with panels for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Surely Samsung is going to fulfill the supply with all its ability. Also the same can be applied to the future as well. Although, The Korean company seems the most efficient one, and also the demand for the new iPhone is raising. What do you say in the same context, do dump it in the comment box? Also, stay tuned via @Samnews24…


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