Samsung One UI 5.0 Maintenance Mode [Repair Mode]

With every One UI, Samsung brings the most advanced features and support as compared to its existing version. Also, One UI 5.0 beta, added more enhanced and improved features. Every beta release, they have more of its bugs were fixed as well as numerous improvements taken for a smooth and seamless user experience. In addition to this, with various One UI 5.0 features, the Maintenance Mode is one.

Although, Samsung One UI 4.1.1 brings this feature to their Galaxy devices. Therefore, here in this article, we specifically discuss maintenance mode like what is it, How to use it. So to have a better understanding of this mode stick to this article till last.

Samsung Maintenance Mode

As the name indicates, the Maintenance Mode or Repair Mode is a feature developed by Samsung for its range of Galaxy devices. In order to make them more secure when undergoing repair. With the help of this feature, it allows the user to selectively expose data when you get your smartphone repaired. Also, it basically eliminates the concerns of some private companies accessing or leaking users’ personal info at the time of the repair process.

One UI 5 Maintenance Mode

Enable Maintenance mode [One UI 5]

In order to give your mobile for repair, then it’s quite important to enable the Maintenance mode before your Galaxy device runs on One UI 5.0. The process to enable this feature is very simple accompanied by a few easy steps:

  • Visit Settings on your Galaxy smartphone
  • Click on Battery and Device Care.
  • Scroll down, and you will find Maintenance mode at the bottom.
  • Tap on it.
  • Your smartphone restarts and it is done.

How to use Maintenance Mode?

The first and foremost thing is to enable the Maintenance Mode from your device Settings. By doing so, you have lost access to your personal data, such as photos, messages and accounts. And it only enables to use of the apps installed by default. Now, your device is safe and you can give your device for repair.

Now if you want to exit this mode, then it’s also quite simple. For that reboot your smartphone through a pattern or fingerprint recognition. therefore, if you carrying a Galaxy smartphone, then you don’t need to worry before getting your Galaxy smartphone repaired. Also, you don’t need to think that your mobile data may be leaked as Samsung has provided this new option for the same.


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