One UI Watch 4.5 update full changelog

Samsung has finally rolled out the One UI Watch 4.5 software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 series users globally. Apart from the One UI Watch 4.5 update, the company has also pushed out the One UI 4.1.1 firmware update.

The all-new One UI Watch 4.5 update includes 6 new watch faces, now you can list your favorite watch faces for easier finding and setting.

One UI Watch 4.5 update full changelog

Watch Face

‘With the newly added and improved watch face, you can decorate more diversely.
6 new watch faces have been added. (Pebble, Flowering Garden, Information Board, Pro Analog, Kinetic Numbers, Gradient Numbers)
Existing watch faces can now be decorated in more variety. (Dial, Index, Character, Color, Complication, Watch Type)
New complications have been added.

Watch Home Screen

List your favorite watch faces for easier finding and setting.
The newly added watch face is in the watch face list.
Added ability to switch shooting mode between camera controller photos and videos
Samsung Galaxy S9 with OneUI 4.1.1 or later, only flagship models after Note9 are supported.

Text input

You can use the input with the QWERTY keyboard and gestures. (Some languages ​​are not supported)
You can edit text while changing various input tools such as the keyboard, voice input, and handwriting recognition.
Notification Support for GIF animation playback of Samsung message notifications.
Phone and Contacts When the watch is connected to a dual SIM phone, the SIM icon used in the phone is displayed the same on the watch.
When there is no preferred SIM set on the phone, you can directly select the SIM to send from the watch.
Even if you have a preferred SIM set in your phone, the watch supports the ability to make calls through other ‘SIMs.


An input window is displayed in the chat room.
Enter the recently used input mode through the input window.
Messages you have stopped writing are maintained in the input window.
The alarm’ date, alarm name, ring again’ setting function is added.
The files recorded by the voice recording watch are quickly saved to the connected phone.
Settings – Larger steps for setting font size are supported.


Additional assistive features for ‘improving visibility’ are supported.
Added ‘Left and Right Sound Balance’ adjustment function for ‘Hearing Aid’.
Added ‘Long press response time’ setting function for ‘input and action’ assistance.


The shortcut command function’ is supported, which bundles and executes multiple actions into one command.

One UI Watch 4.5 update full changelog

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