How to use Samsung Android 12L (One UI 4.1.1) features

On August 10, at Galaxy Unpacked event 2022, Samsung disclosed the all-new operating system Android 12L based on One UI 4.1.1 which arrives with some best features. Galaxy Z Fold 4 was the first device to obtain it, and after that Galaxy Tab S8 obtain access to it.

Currently, Samsung displayed the list of the devices which will be acceptable to grab this Android 12L-based One UI 4.1.1 update. Exceptionally, the company also disclosed the features that will be provided for these selected devices in the upcoming days.

According to Samsung, this Android 12L-based One UI 4.1.1 will create so many multitasking instinctual and user-friendly than ever before. It will maximize the numerous of screens to run in Split Screen View. Even so, users will see a more dominant Pop-overs option.

With Android 12L, the organization has construct multitasking more enhanced and customized, users will be apt to move between apps more rapidly than ever before. And can modify their taskbar with their favorite apps and move immaculate and rapidly between active sessions.

If you wish to do so many tasks at once then the taskbar will also recognize the current apps and exhibit your two most recently utilized applications at any mention time, which will create your performance simple, and you can simply take up where you knock off.

How to enable Split screen view:  Now you can enable Split screen view using some steps

  • Move to Settings option.
  • Click on Advanced Features.
  • Press on Labs.
  • Click on “Swipe for split screen”.
  • Turn on the feature.
  • Now you can see Split Screen view.

How to use Android 12L Features

Split Screen View can take your multitasking to new heights by displaying up to three apps at once, which users can reposition and size up according to their choice. You can also make a group of your two favorite apps that you generally run-in conjunction and can save them to fall between them rapidly.
How to enable Pop-Overs– Now you can enable Pop- overs follow some basic steps

• Click to open App pair (up to three apps at once).
• Click the three dots on the border between the apps.
• Tap the star-shaped Favorite symbol.
• Add the app pair to taskbar.
• Popovers.

Via Android 12L, Users can program events and alter settings without moving into the screens. These new Pop-overs will display you a transparent screen, and with this current upgrade, users can glance via pop-overs by touching and holding the screen encompassing them.

It will build pop-overs for a time transparent so that customers can look the app back off them easily, and they re-emerge when you raise your finger. Touch-and-hold gives permission you to see the huge picture when creating new program and is compatible with the Clock and Reminder apps.

How to enable Pop-over/ App-

• Click to open your Samsung Calendar/Clock/Reminder app.
• Plan a new event in a pop-over.
• Touch and hold the screen outside the pop-over too quickly.
• Now it’s completed.

Samsung has officially confirmed that it will send the Android 12L upgrade for the last year’s Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 in starting September 2022.

Moreover, check the list of 9 eligible Samsung devices that will get Android 12L update.

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