Samsung Private 5G network agenda goes live in Korea

Samsung Electronics to deliver private 5G network solutions to Korea’s public and private sectors! It pronounces the new words when the government owns the initiative to disseminate the presence of private 5G ecosystems in the country. This is to be done via dedicated frequency bands for private 5G networks in Korea of 4.7GHz and 28GHz.

What does 5G offer?

There are numerous changes while the count 5G offerings. As the Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics addressed. That “Private 5G networks will enable progressive changes across all industry verticals. Applications like digital twins, autonomous vehicles, AI, and AR are only a glimpse of the plethora of use cases Samsung’s 5G can bring to life”.

Samsung 5G news

The public and private sectors array provided with advanced private 5G network solutions. This compact included energy, safety, water resource management, medical education, and medical services. In the public sector, Samsung will collaborate with three major government agencies. This is to help them ensure workplace safety and efficiency by applying smart, AI-enabled connectivity solutions (let’s have a look below):

  • Korea Electric Power Corporation company is concerned about the largest electric utility in Korea and plans to deploy smart grid technologies and build digital twins to enhance safety and efficiency in the workplace.
  • Korea Water Resources Corporation is a governmental agency for water resource management. The agency can build digital twins—virtual models of real-world river basins. AI-based simulations of the water purification process, improving accuracy in water management and predictive capabilities.
  • Korea Industrial Complex Corporation a government agency that manages and supports industrial complexes will deploy a 5G-driven digital safety platform at various work sites.

Samsung collaborates with private sector companies

Samsung in the private sector will work with two of the largest and most technologically advanced hospitals in Korea. This is to implement enhanced medical services and immersive use cases, transforming the healthcare industry:

  • Ewha Woman’s University Mokdong Hospital is corporate with medical services. Also, rapid reconstruction of medical images and real-time, long-distance surgical collaboration using virtual interaction.
  • Samsung Medical Center will leverage 5G to enhance its medical education program. Some examples will include remote training using AR glasses, virtual simulation of live surgical conditions, and live-streaming of 360-degree recordings of surgical operations.

Binding up…

There was all that Samsung drives the industry to advance 5G networks with its market-leading product portfolio. From fully virtualized RAN and Core to private network solutions and AI-powered automation tools. The company excavated perfect network practice, dump if you’ll be able to previsualize the coming plans and stay tuned for more Samsung-related news via @Samnews24…

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