Google Lens to add new Screen Search feature

Google Lens is already a useful Al-driven feature on Android phones. Soon made useful when it comes to searching a user’s screen particularly. As we are already aware of image recognization technology. It is capable of identifying the object visually by taking input for the result the output. The new development made it new!

It is being reported the company is planning to expand its functions. A new feature introduced that can search screen, or as Google likes to call “Search this screen” is under testing. That’s as opposed to limiting the feature specifically to apps that support it.

 What does this change bring to searching screens with Google Lens?

With the new UI, an Assistant-related feature is brought forward, Google appears to be calling the new features “Search this screen.”

Although, the feature will be limited to some apps in the beginning, including Google Chrome, Twitter, and a few others as well. To be more exact, the screen searching feature will allow the user to execute all Google Lens functions on your device’s present screen. That means you can use Google Lens while searching the web or doing calculations and more.

It is not like before, now one can access the Google Lens features on any screen while performing any task on their phone. You do not have to exit all apps and open the Lens. Side by the apps, the functionality is more. Like one can do translations, image searching, and more, too without worrying if the individual app supports the feature.

Via @Samnews24… Do dump what you expect more to arrive regarding the same also share some view of what has already here. Also, stay tuned for more updates and further reports by Samsung.

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