Samsung Display to expand IT OLED panel biz: CEO

Yonhap News Agency is a major South Korean news agency. It is based in Seoul, South Korea, reported. On August 24th, Samsung Display, which has obvious advantages in OLED panels required for smartphones, will expand notebook computers, PCs, etc. OLED panel business required for IT products increases investment in R&D and production resources.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, various types of IT devices are emerging as people’s lifestyles have changed. We have come across the vital demand for a wide variety of information technology products being launched and we see great potential for OLED panels in this diversifying market. The solution that best suits these changes is self-luminous displays.

Korea Display Industry Association addresses:

Co-organized by the Korean Information Display Society, the Korea Display Industry Association, and the Society for Information Display, the IMID is an annual conference on the display industry where companies and academic institutions announce their research results related to displays.

Samsung Display to expand IT OLED panel biz
Samsung Display to expand IT OLED panel biz

While addressing Cui Zhoushan revealed that Samsung Display plans to build an 8th generation OLED panel production line the goal is to 2024 put it into production. While he did not disclose the investment in the new line, he said they had set a target of $50 billion in annual sales.

Choi also encounter that the company will focus on developing micro OLED panels for augmented or virtual reality products, and panels for in-vehicle use “in line with the changes in the IT industry.”

As this year started, Samsung Display acquired German OLED display startup Cynora GmbH for about $300 million to advance technology for foldable smartphone screens, as part of efforts to diversify its business portfolio.

The company also introduced new materials to improve the luminous structure of QD-OLEDs and has focused on researching inkjet patterning technology to increase the productivity and resolution of QD-OLED displays.

As a result, the company was able to achieve remarkable yield rates only six months after beginning mass production of QD-OLED displays, and TVs equipped with QD-OLEDs are getting positive responses in the high-end TV market.

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