Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 software updates

The South Korean tech giant is quite persistent in connection with software updates to its devices. Certainly, in terms of software support and updates, it definitely gives a great challenge to other rival companies. Therefore, a lot of flagships in this regard are eligible for four major Android updates and up to five years of security updates.

As committed to giving four generations of Android operating system upgrades as well as five years of security updates to the major of its range. Although, this is not the scenario a few years back. When Samsung only release two major Android upgrades whereas three years of security updates. It leads the other OEMs as they also provide five years of security updates. Now the company provides excellent software support leading other Android OEMs way behind. And considering the present scenario, it’s even better than what Google promises for its Pixel phones.

Galaxy Flip4 Android OS upgrades and Security updates

Again, the list of the devices that are eligible to receive four major Android updates is already quite in-depth, and now Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is also joining the league.

Yeah, you hear it right, Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip4 and the Galaxy Z Fold4 both will get four years of Android OS updates. Notably, the Galaxy Z Flip4 runs Android 12, which means it goes all the way up to Android 16 (or the name decided by Google at that time). Although, this is subject to change depending on the fact that how Google approaches its update in the future. However, this is where the Galaxy Z Flip 4 stands right now.

To add further, it will also be eligible to receive security updates for the next five years, and that’s going to cover till 2027. Probably, it may not receive them frequently while reaching this tenure. But as of now, you can expect to get these security patches every month for now.

Galaxy Z Flip 4

To bring into notice that Samsung is now starting rolling out an important update for these discontinued devices. To get more info on this, kindly refer to the below link:

As covered in our several earlier articles as well, it seems that Samsung has consistently proved the fact that it’s the best OEM when it comes to software updates. So you can expect the same from foldable as well. And this X-factor that these smartphones will be supported for such a long time in the future also makes them very easy for us to recommend.


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