One UI: Samsung Phone, My Files app update rolling

Samsung updated its default Phone app for the second time in the month of August 2022, while the Samsung My Files app gets its fourth upgrade. Samsung Phone App is used to make calls, on the other hand, My Files helps you manage and organize any file stored on your device or other locations (for example Samsung Cloud, Google Drive or an SD card).

[Main Features of Samsung Phones]

Making Calls
Try contacting your friends quickly by pressing the number on the keypad.
You can easily search for contact information and phone numbers using the keypad.

Viewing Recent History
You can check the history of voice calls, video calls, and messages that have been exchanged in your recent history.

Adding Tags in Recent History
Do you happen to have phone numbers which you feel uncomfortable about storing in your contacts?
You can easily check callers that are not stored in your contacts by adding tags to phone numbers in your recent history.

Searching Everything at Once
Search various information with just one keyword in a unified search.
You can search contact information, your recent call history, and even tags, all at once.

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Samsung Phone and My Files app update

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