Android 13 media player supported Apps list

Recently, Google launched Android 13 with a lot of new features and the most anticipated UI change is a redesign of the lockscreen and notification shade media player. Although, noticeably not all music, podcasts and audio apps not updated yet to support them and the list going to be expanding soon. Now, here’s the list of what controls have been modernized.

Moving further toward the changes made, then Android 13 media controls now seem to be bigger/taller than those of Android 12. Although, here you have a look at its compact version as well but only in a landscape mode. This makes allows for a larger cover art preview, nevertheless, it’s a rectangular crop. Despite showing the complete square artwork, which appears on it before.

Coming to the appearance of the appearance then the responsible app’s icon appears in the top-left corner. Whereas the device output switcher remains opposite to it as previous. On the other hand, Song/Podcast name and artist appear next in the lines below.

Talking about the apps that have been optimised for Android 13, the play/pause button design changes from a circle to a rounded square, and vice versa. On tap, appears at the right edge. All these give it a delightful touch that’s followed by the absolutely quirky progress bar that wriggles to note what you have already listened to.

Although the Apps that are not updated for Android 13 still have the curl, however, the bottom row seems very packed as every button is located on a single line. The progress bar is at the far left with up to five actions appearing. While the newer applications circumscribe that line with next/back or forward/rewind whereas the remaining actions are shown at the right.

Youtube Android 13 version

Reportedly, Youtube with Version 17.32.38 is rolling out (via Google Play) to the stable channel with support for the new Android 13 media player. This is the major first-party app following the launch of Android 13 for Pixel phones.

With Android 13 launched, very few big apps have been updated still there are a handful of first-party clients where you can experience the new player. Although the same has been launched on a range of Pixel devices. Google has made substantial efforts to make the operating system run effortlessly even on big screens. And that is something with which the company has struggled for a while now.

Apps that have been optimized for Android 13:

  • Google Podcasts: Part of the Google app.
  • Chrome: When playing media from the web.
  • YouTube Music.
  • YouTube: Currently in beta, stable release soon.

Apps that haven’t been updated:

  • (Google Pixel) Recorder: Although the Transcript playback does generate a system audio player, out of which most people interact with the in-app controls/UI.
  • Google Play Books.
  • Apple Music.
  • Spotify.
  • SoundCloud.
  • Tidal.
  • Pandora.


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