Steps to control your Galaxy Buds with the Galaxy Watch5

If you own the Galaxy Buds and if you want to connect and control it with Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro then this article is for you. Here we discuss the ways to control the steps of doing the same. This little and useful feature from Samsung makes it possible to adjust some of the functionality of the earbuds. And if you are not fond to mess the things or earbud controls then this going to be the best way to supplement it. Altogether, setup is quite easy to do and it is mostly done through the galaxy watch itself. Therefore, you don’t have to mess with a smartphone app at all. All you need is your buds connected to your Galaxy Watch.

One more thing to get informed here is that this controller will be compatible with all versions of the Galaxy Buds. So it doesn’t matter that you’re using the original pair or the new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Therefore, altogether with both, you can use this feature. Moving ahead, if you’re not aware of the steps to do so then there’s nothing to worry about as we are here to help you out. However, the steps are not many and the complete setup only requires a couple of steps and mins to follow.

Control Your Galaxy Buds With Watch 5

Steps to control your Galaxy Buds with the Galaxy Watch5

The most obvious first step is to ensure that both of your devices i.e. Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch5 are powered on.

Connect your Galaxy Buds and your Galaxy Watch 5 to your phone

Again heading towards the next step then the further step is to connect your watch and your earbuds to your phone.

Swipe left to bring up the Tiles, then tap “Add Tiles”

Certainly, on WearOS, the Tiles feature is the most useful tool for providing you access to various pieces of information. In contrast, it let you interact with other useful functions as well. Here, all you need to scroll all the way to the end of the current list of active Tiles. Then tap on the “Add Tiles” option.


Add the Buds controller Tile

Now following the above steps, add the Tiles menu, and again scroll to find the Buds Controller Tile. So, this should be the second Tile on the list. Tapping on it will automatically add it to your watch’s active Tile list.

Tap on the ANC or touch controls buttons

Once your buds are connected and the Tile is shown in the active list. Here you should see buttons for both turning the active noise cancellation on and off. And using the same for the touch control of the buds. Now, it should allow you to pause/play tracks, skip tracks, and adjust the volume. In addition to this, if you want to make this super easy for future use then we would recommend making this either the first Tile in the list or putting it towards the front.

Removing the Tile

It’s also possible to remove the Tile if you no longer want to control your buds this way. This is a simple process as well. Simply find the Buds Controller Tile in the active list, tap and hold on it, then tap the red subtraction icon to remove the Tile from the active list. And that’s it. You can also use this for any other Tiles that you may have added and no longer want to use.

If you don’t want to use the Tile or if you don’t want to control your buds this way then it is also possible to remove it. Removing the Tile are as simple as adding them. Steps to follow are:

  • Find the Buds Controller Tile in the active list.
  • Tap and hold on to it.
  • Then tap the red subtraction icon to remove the Tile from the active list.

Note: Also the same step you can also use this for any other Tiles. You may have added it and no longer want to use it.

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