Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: Can I remove the screen protector?

Talking about the Samsung Z Flip4 display then it comes with moderately more durable as compared to its elder sibling Galaxy Z Flip3. Certainly, Samsung has done quite rigorous hard work when it comes to its new generation of foldable devices. Moreover, being a foldable display that is altogether much more fragile and durable than those of traditional slab phones. Another reason may be because Galaxy Z Flip4 already comes with a stock pre-installed screen protector. Now one of the flashing questions that a lot of people come across is whether you can remove the screen protector on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. And the answer is yes, you can remove it, but it would recommend not to do this.

Same as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, the main display of the Flip4 uses Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). And since it’s a “foldable” display, it’s not rigid or durable as traditional glass panels. The pre-applied screen protector ensures the protection of Ultra-thin Glass at all times in Z Flip4. Apart from normal jerking and heavy touch on our own, it is also there from accidental bumps or sharp objects.

Although, in our daily usage even the small dust particles or debris can get inside the UTG and can leave a long-lasting impact on the same. And this, in particular, was unremovable, which means it was permanently applied to the original Galaxy Z Fold’s display. However, a couple of iterations don’t bring the unremovable screen protector. You can remove it and that’s applied here in this case also. In some cases, a lot of users found that the screen works more smooth when their screen protector got accidentally removed or just starts to peel off automatically.

 Galaxy Z Flip4

Cut to the chase

To cut a long story short, you can remove the screen protector on the Galaxy Z Flip 4. But at the same time, we would recommend the best is not to remove it. And let it leave to work until it starts to peel off automatically over time. As it requires extra attention and needs to be more cautious while removing the screen protector on these phones. If you don’t want to end up with a broken panel. To be noted, all of the above-mentioned are for inner display only and not for cover display. So it’s nothing to worry about when it comes to cover display. And hence, you can easily remove the screen protector covering the outer display. Similar to the one in traditional slab phones.

Other possible ways

In addition to this, there are various ways to keep your foldable protected from external elements. So it’s not a concern to panic if the screen protector starts to peel off automatically. Since the Galaxy Z Flip4 comes with the standard warranty. Therefore, you can always get it repaired or replaced if anything goes wrong. Users can avail of accidental mobile damage insurance as well. Alternately, there are many more best cases available that protect the phone, so you can also pick the best out of it.

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