Galaxy Buds Pro essential tips and tricks

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro was unveiled globally at the Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10. The South Korean company has now disclosed the earbuds. Galaxy Buds 2 Pro offering advanced features like active noise cancellation, long battery life and improved sound quality.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro will automatically show on your Samsung Galaxy devices and are ready to connect with a tap. As simple as that. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is by a long way the most difficult set of wireless earbuds that Samsung has ever manufacturer.

It intent the opponent AirPods Pro not just with active noise cancellation (ANC) and IPX7 waterproofing, but with a quantity of new and updated features like 360 Audio and automated context modes.

It arrive complete with step-by-step procedure for setting up features and settings, and a server another tips to support you for getting as much out of these earbuds as possible.

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So let’s move to know that how to connect the Galaxy Buds Pro to your Android device:

To connect the Galaxy Buds Pro to an Android smartphone device or tablet, first assure that you have obtained the Samsung Wearable app installed.

This should arrive  previously installed on Samsung Galaxy handset but it otherwise presents on Google’s Play Store.

Now move to the steps:

1. Via Galaxy pro inside click to open the charging case after doing then enter in the pairing or connecting mode.

2. Tap to open the Galaxy Wearable app, click on the  “Get Started” and pick the Galaxy Buds Pro.

3. Follow the on-screen directive to complete setup process.

After that, the Galaxy Buds Pro will automatically paired to your device within a server seconds of opening the charging case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Essential Tips and Tricks

Galaxy Buds Pro tips & tricks:

1.Connecting your Buds Pro is incredibly easy:

if you wish to connect the earbuds. Go via the process, which takes, maybe, 30 seconds and then begin use your new earbuds.

If you’re connecting them to a Samsung handset, you should previously have the Galaxy Wearable app previously installed on your handset.

If you’re connecting them to other Android device, then it’s required to download and install Samsung’s associated app before you can fix settings and install software updates.

After your earbuds are connected launch the Galaxy Wearable app and follow the  process of setup.

2.Control music playback and answer calls:

Every Galaxy Buds Pro earbud has a huge touch area on the side, make it simple to instantly clicking on the earbud and Handel playback or reply phone calls on the go. For that you have to follow some steps-

1.Click on the: Play or pause what you want to listening.

2. Press on : Play the next track or response a phone call.

3.Click on : Play the previous track.

Touch and hold: adjustable (more on that below) or rejected an incoming call.

3. Customize touch-and-hold for each earbud:

Tap to open the Wearable app and choose Touch and hold from the menu of options. Once there, choose what you wish to happen when you long-tap on either earbud. Your options are:

• Switch noise controls

• Voice command

• Volume down


The Switch noise controls selection will toggle between active noise cancelation and ambient noise.

4. Adjust Active Noise Cancellation:

There are two dissimilar position of active noise cancellation you can select from: High or Low.

Open the Wearable app and drag down to the Active noise canceling position and then pick your choice.

5. Auto-pause ANC when you start talking:

There’s other button in the ANC settings section that takes a individual feature to the Galaxy Buds Pro known as Voice Detect.

When the Buds Pro find your voice as you begin conversation, it will stop ANC so you can hear the person you’re talking to. That method, you don’t have to remove your earbuds.

Click on Voice Detect to enable it and then choose how long you require the earbuds to wait after hearing your voice to respond back to last volume state and move ANC back on. You can take from 5, 10 and 15 seconds for that.

6. Evaluate battery life:

Instantly verify the battery position of the earbuds or the charging case, open the Wearable app and see the stats at the top of the screen.

But if you’re using the Buds Pro, they’ll be the only option shown. You can see the  of the case and earbuds while they’re in the charging case and it’s opened next to the phone.

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