Galaxy Watch5: Sleep monitoring praises by Samsung

In this century of innovation where companies have cut to cut competition to give their best. Every single day something new is coming by someone, while new players are also coming with their innovations. Therefore existing brands have many stacks to deal with.

Reportedly, after the successful presentation of Galaxy Foldable smartphones along with Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro by Samsung. It’s time to discuss and come up with more with respect to these smart products. Here in this article, we going to discuss specifically the Galaxy Watch 5, as recently it got praise by Samsung itself.

In today’s technology-driven world where smartphones and smartwatches have strong appeal to consumers. Whereas all of these gadgets from different brands have the same functionality, the only small distinction made is in terms of design.

Sleep monitoring of the Galaxy Watch5 series

Now coming back to our topic which is regarding the Galaxy Watch5. Here is the news coming that during the press conference held in New York, the head of health research and development in Samsung’s mobile unit, Yang Tae-Jong, said by highlighted the efforts that the company has put into improvisation the functionality of the new smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 has the world’s most advanced sleep monitoring technology

In a press conference, it is been said that- our sleeping pattern is enough to analyse our awakening. It is very important to know how we had slept would be it well or bad as per the state of rest and that was enough. And with the availability of devices equipped with a lot of advanced features always on the wrist. All of these make us have to look at a much more accurate, and in-depth analysis of the quality of our night’s sleep.

Yang Tae-Jong added that the new Galaxy Watch5 series is equipped with several other technologies as well. The inclusion of a special bioactive sensor that combinely with other sensors helps to monitor the different phases of sleep. Also, detecting snoring, measuring blood oxygen levels and transforming all the information collected into scores.

New infrared sensor

It is also been revealed by the company that they are working with the US National Sleep Foundation and the universities of San Diego and San Francisco in order to improve research on sleep technologies. They also use the data collected for clinical trials; in the future. As per Samsung, their smartwatches could be more focused on the medical field. Whereby, they allow to monitor patients and act as a support in digital treatments. With the same intention, Watch5 packs with a new infrared sensor that allows a more accurate reading of the temperature. Although at this point because the company is waiting for the approval of the Korea Food & Drugs Administration, it is not utilised yet.

So in short, we can say that the company wanted to make the most of its wearable. They also positioned the same much more in healthcare.

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