Samsung Next gen rollable smartphones

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant is quite famous for its innovations and on-time software updates. The company is always way ahead to bring innovations which leads to follow the same by other OEMs. Well, it’s not known as a company that always plays a safe game. And moreover, that’s brought us the new innovation and evolvement of the famous Z series

Recently, we all witness the launch of their fourth-generation foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4. These flagships are which subsequently bring various updations to compare to their various predecessors. Although the company has maintained its trendsetter tag in foldable smartphones a way back, the first foldable phone to hit the market was the  Samsung Galaxy Fold. By then the company subsequently releases and comes up with an enhanced range from time to time. The Galaxy Fold series represents the classic application of foldable phones, having a phone fold out into a tablet.

Samsung Next gen rollable smartphones

Facts that witnesses the Samsung rollable 

Now reportedly, it has been predicted that Samsung is gearing up to introduce another form factor to its smartphone lineup. And that’s a rollable phone, which means a phone with a flexible display that rolls out and back in again. The same has been already teased by Samsung last year.

Samsung new rollable patent

Samsung new rollable patent

Subsequently, another piece of evidence came out that gives our rumour mill fast pace, that Samsung has patented a new flexible smartphone. This registration has done at the World Intellectual Property Organization website (WIPO). And the same represents a flexible sliding display technology that wraps the smartphone to both sides.

Also, the Korean giant recently showcase its flexible OLED display prototypes at its SID 2022 Display Week event. This event includes many kinds of foldable, rollable, and other types of displays. And that also discloses the fact about a rollable smartphone which could be launched soon.

Samsungs Slidable OLED Displays at SID 2022

Another piece of information which unveil the confirmation about rollable next-generation smartphones is revealed by Samsung’s display division. Whereby Samsung Display recently shared an official promo video on its YouTube channel.

This video demonstrates various types of foldable as well as slidable display prototypes on which they working presently. Here, the company showed off the prototype variants of each of these devices which include foldable, rollable, and slidable displays. The same display is featured on various kinds of mobile-cum-tablet devices in the coming time. Have a look at the video right below.

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