Samsung brand new One UI 5 calling screen

Out of several smartphone manufacturers and with respect to other OEMs, Samsung is certainly the market leader. And the reason seems to be very clear now, as it inspires us with a lot of innovations in its smartphone range. Apart from this, they going through an uphill battle to provide various software updates from time to time.

In recent years, it is quite obvious and noticeable, that the South Korean giant distinguished itself very positively. And came out as a brand that caters to its user needs on time. It also emerges as a brand that provides speedy software support compared to its earlier days. Now, it came out with its UI skin ahead of time even before with respect to Google own Android. As, reportedly, One UI 5 beta launched in various markets way before Android which is still available for limited Pixel devices.

Added further, One UI 5 has been the most discussed topic driving the rumour mill at a fast pace. The various news coming with respect to its development of the first builds of the One UI 5 by Samsung. The One UI gives enhanced features and Samsung has made substantial to each One UI based over the top of Android. Thus the recent version, i.e. fifth generation corresponds to the version based on Android 13.

Since its official announcement, which was released for Galaxy S22 series. A lot of updates coming now as it gives taste to the user of its enriched features. As a part of this revealing, now another leaked which showing the new interface dedicated to voice calls. The changes made are specifically designed by Samsung for its One UI 5.

Samsung UI interface poll

Reportedly, news shows Samsung isn’t done with UI changes. Adding to this, an upcoming version of One UI 5 beta update probably bring a slightly tweaked call screen. And to take the user’s taste on this, the South Korean tech has conducted a poll. The two interfaces intend to test the liking of two different interfaces, although both of these are very similar to each other. 

Out of these two interfaces, One version fills the screen entirely with colourful hues, while the other has some whitespace left in it.

Now, here it brings the idea to make understand that Samsung is quite concerned and decisive in introducing this new interface. This probably brings the dominant colour shade for calls on the One UI 5. Although, it is quite unclear where the caller’s name will gong to display on the screen.

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