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As everyone knows and everyone family about Samsung innovation Samsung really work hard to improve their device and make changes to create a more user-friendly experience for their users. So in this article, we will know about what is than Samsung’s main sight Samsung innovation with import and so many other things so let’s start.

The Samsung insight: Samsung One

Here we talk about partnering  partnership with Samsung that means working with an organization like Samsung that’s concentrated on the future.

Now move to the Samsung innovation with import:

Samsung is one of the world’s biggest investors in Research and development field(R&D), and this devoted commitment for the transformation  has made Samsung the market leaders in mobile and smartphones.

Here’s how we obtain technology forward:

Transformation with Impact Your connection to come out opportunities Our revolution perspective helps you to deliver great mobile experiences that customers enjoy.

And for today’s entrepreneurs, that’s more important than ever before.

AS per the Samsung corporate vision:

Our innovation technology products and design will supplement people’s lives and give to social affluence by making a new future.

Now switch to why partnership with Samsung this is the most important question:

6 reasons to partner with Samsung

We are one of the biggest global investors in R&D We invest heavily in research and development so that you can always offer your customers the best technology experiences.

1.We have enact quality in our DNA Our devices are produced within our own factories and Samsung users are supported by a network of authority Samsung. Service Centers because we’re devoted to deliver high quality products.

2.We make technology for today’s modern and demanding workplace. From helping businesses to harness the power of 5G, to providing frontline employees with rugged technology, we go far of function to make tools that support new method of working.

4. We help users obtain the best from their mobile fleets. We support our business customers with tools to help them fix up and configure devices. Samsung Care+ for Business is an optional hassle-free device

swap program that assure nothing will obtain in the process of your productivity.

5.We believe in the value of partnership and collaboration Our partners are an integral part of our team. And we’re always looking to improve how we work with them.

6.We strive to make a positive impact Our conservation strategies and eco-friendly solutions lead the way to a more sustainable future and we are committed to our technology contributing to a healthy digital lifestyle.

Everyone wants to know why Samsung for business?

With Samsung, your users have access to an complete ecosystem of mobile technology, support and services at their fingertips and they have ability to do more before then ever.

So let’s move to know why Samsung for business –

1.First of all Samsung vast portfolio of mobile devices:

it doesn’t matter what industry your users are in, there is a model in the Samsung criteria to help every employee work smarter.

The Samsung portfolio gives  advanced smartphones, robust tablets and next-generation at prices to suit every expenses prices.

2. Leading mobile security software:

All our Android smartphones devices and tablets are supported by Samsung Knox, advance quality security, which is prepared for work correctly out of the box. Samsung phones and tablets also feature advanced biometric security such as face recognition and fingerprint scanning, so security is always personal.

3.improved by a range of apps for businesses

Your business clients acquire even more from their mobile models with Samsung apps. And various of our smartphones and tablets arrives with Microsoft Office 365 already installed.

They also have a broad partner ecosystem that has a range of industry solutions to address your customers’ needs.

Enabled by Samsung Device Leasing

Every business should have the technology it requires today. Our asset leasing solutions give your clients tools to be more fruitful and assure you’re never left with technology that just be deplore every time.

Now move to Samsung Knox:

Samsung Knox is high quality security that protects devices before they’re even taken out of the box.

Knox has getting the most “strong” ratings for mobile security platforms by Gartner3 with authorization from the leading enterprises.


With Samsung Knox, your clients getting more than just standard security. Knox gives a suite of so features including:

Leading virus protection-Anti-malware safeguards your hardware and software, powered by McAfee.

Secure folders: Keep work and personal information separated and protected on a single device

Data isolation

Complete data isolation plus total control of the features and components apps can access.

• Rooting prevention– Eliminates the risk from unauthorized operating systems to protect your data.

Monitoring – Real-time operating system monitoring and protection.

Encryption – Hardware-based encryption and authorized- only firmware.

Want to grow your business then go with Samsung Knox:

Last point or endpoint protection with so many security level for your customers with growing businesses, Knox create it simple to improve security levels and grow manageability. So they can analyze, safely.

Batch enrolment:

Enroll huge numbers of new models at once, decreasing set-up time.

Hassle-free configuration:

Pre-configure devices and fix policies without opening the box so there’s no requirement for employee involvement.

Remote management:

Manage devices in real-time and troubleshoot across the business with a single IT admin and improve control with scheduled, remote software updates.

Samsung Device Leasing powered by Quadrant:
At Samsung, we trust every business should have access to the technology they want to grow. That’s why
we gives device leasing solutions, tailored to next to separate
client requirements.

Samsung Device Leasing has offers for you as a Samsung comparative as well as your clients. It enables you to develop client relationships and hike your margins with flexible solutions that transform exact outcomes How your customers benefit

From Samsung Device Leasing:
A competitive edge – Your customers
can drive interactive and concentrate on more revenue generation activities with
simple access to the recent technology.

Complete solutions – Adding hardware,
ancillary items and installation
in your finance providing so your
clients acquire everything they want
in a subscription-based model.

Predictable budgeting – Empower
customers to forecast revenue
with high accuracy, by offering
predictable, manageable repayments.

How you benefit from Samsung Device Leasing
Obtain payments within 48 hours of
client acceptance.

• Minimize your discounts – decrease
the requirements to discount by creating
Samsung technology more
Improve customer loyalty
– Offer simple, stress-free upgrades. Enterprise Edition is a whole suite of mobile technology and services, that makes it simple to configure, update, deploy and run mobile technology. So your customers can save your time on model set-up and management.

Whether you like to connect with clients directly, or you’re happy for us to help out, Samsung Galaxy Enterprise. Edition support is also available to your customers in a way that works for you.

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition

Here’s what your Enterprise Edition customers receive:

The all control is yours with

Make configuring and deploying your fleet of mobile devices fast and easy. With Knox Suite you obtain everything you want to create your IT teams’ lives simple, and your employees as responsive as they can be.

Enterprise Edition add a base made by Samsung experts to obtain you started and selection to. further improve your security and control.

Extende product lifecycle and maintain:

Knox Suite Help your customers maintain a consistent fleet of Samsung devices All Galaxy Enterprise Edition phones come with an extended product lifecycle, ensuring they’re available longer than standard devices.

This brings greater continuity to your customers’ mobile fleet.

Compressive security and maintenance release:

Protect your customers from mobile security errors With Galaxy Enterprise Edition, your customers obtain an updated period (4 or 5 years)5 of firmware

updates either monthly or quarterly4, so all their mobile handsets are updated with the recent Android and Samsung security and maintenance patches.

This helps safe against malware, phishing or any software malfunction that might like a threat to their business.

Introducing Samsung One

Our new business Partner Program is your connection to all the parks of being a Samsung partner. It is created to help us communicate, educate, motivate and incentivise more effectively. So that we can creat a stronger cooperation with you.

It’s your one connection to everything if  you wish for success, adding  deal registration, the latest product releases.

Samsung One benefits

You can see the benefits of partnering with Samsung for your business and your clients. But here’s what you can personally get from becoming a Samsung One partner:

Upskill with the brand-new training program available on the Samsung One App. Access all the marketing tools and resources from the newly refreshed.

AS well as you can get your partner portal so you can start more conversations with your clients.

*The estimated launch of the Samsung Rewards Program is in 2023.

** Benefits will based as per  your partner tier level.

Samsung champion program for you with the opportunity to obtain your hands on the latest tech first.

Samsung Rewards*

It gives you the chance to have your efforts recognised.

In recognition of your achievements, you will obtain commercial rewards.

Acquire overall view of all your Samsung activity with

PartnerView, monitor all your available Samsung data points to help measure performance.

Samsung will give leads to you to follow up.

There is a Knox security training and certification program with tools to promote your level to your clients.

Register deals and obtain rewarded for developing new sales chance.

Samsung One tiering

Samsung One has four tiers so it’s easy to see where you’re at and how to get to the next level.

Your tier is assessed based on your capabilities, engagement with the program and

Samsung revenue:

Top tier partners have the broadest fix of Samsung products and solutions in their portfolios, and a vast proportion of their employees are Samsung trained and accredited.

Based on your tier level, you will get access to additional support and perks in recognition of your commitment.

Samsung One Training app

Unlock all the perks of the Samsung One training app where you went, via direct access using a mobile app as well as on desktop.

It offers one connection to everything you want and take you quickly updated with our latest product releases and training materials in order to keep you one-step ahead of your competition.

With the Samsung One app you can:

• Get access to brand new training materials which are more than just about product.

They’re packed with content to overcome business challenges and provide new solutions to help you sell more.

• Keep track of your Samsung Rewards* points and learn how you can earn more points.

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Samsung Rewards*

Get rewarded for done sales activities.

The Samsung Rewards program is structured to reward individual supported sellers. If you eligible for the program, you can obtain rewarded for completing activities such as participating in sales incentives or completing training modules.

Every eligible activity is designed to help you develop the habits of a high performing seller.

*The expected release of the Samsung One Rewards Program is in 2023

*The expected release of the Samsung Rewards Program is in 2023.


PartnerView is your one place for all your important Samsung One data.It’s where you can monitor your performance on sales and training you hit targets, view your achievements date, and get insight into your sales team’s connection with the program.

Your data is updated regularly, so you know exact where you stand and you can analyze the progress you’ve made above time.

Enabling you to create decisions about how to motivate your teams, how to fix targets and how to improve your Samsung business.

Join Samsung One Today:

From our innovative devices to training support on our app – the Samsung One

Partner Program is your one connection to all things Samsung. Designed to assist us communicate, educate, motivate and incentivise more efficiently.

It’s our commitment to you and your business. Sign up to Samsung One today and let’s see what more we can get together.

Samsung One

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