Samsung ranks first in the South Asia Q2 2022 smartphone market share

According to the Canalys report, in Q2 2022, the smartphone shipments in Southeast Asia have achieved a milestone of 24.5 million units and the drop figure is small, a 7% fall from the previous quarter. On the list, Samsung is the leader and got a good mark of 23%, despite a 19% fall from Q1 2022.

A report claimed that the South Korean entry-level A-series initiated a jump and maintain growth in market share. Samsung’s extensive investment in above-the-line marketing campaigns on its foldable and S22 series sets it up to compete in the premium price segment.

South Asia Q2 2022 smartphone market share: Countries list

  • Indonesia – 6% grow
  • Malaysia – 2% grow
  • Philippines – 4% grow
  • Thailand – 14% decline
  • Vietnam – 20% decline
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Singapore

South Asia Q2 2022 smartphone market share: Smartphone Vendors List

  • Samsung: 23% (+4% YoY growth)
  • Oppo: 18% (-10% YoY decline)
  • Xiaomi: 16% (-34% YoY decline) (Xiaomi estimates include sub-brand POCO and OPPO includes OnePlus)
  • Vivo: 12% (-19% YoY decline)
  • Realme: 11% (-22% YoY decline)

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“The demand for 5G devices has come to a standstill,” said Canalys Research Analyst Chiew Le Xuan. “5G devices experienced their first sequential decline to 18% of overall smartphone shipments. 5G deployment in developing Southeast Asian markets has been abysmal ensuring the hype for 5G has dwindled, and demand has shifted to more practical aspects of smartphones such as battery life, storage, processor speed, and camera quality. Growing inflation has resulted in consumers looking for longer-lasting devices over less practical qualities such as 5G. Practical uses of 5G have yet to be seen and is especially unnecessary for low-mid devices when 4G speeds are sufficient in day-to-day usage- Canalys report.

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