Google Search brings streaming services section for specific games

Google is continuously improving its search section with a new layout as well as new structure integration. Now, according to a new report, Google adding a cloud streaming services section on which we can see a particular video game.

On searching any specific show on Google Search, now you can get accurate info about what services it’s on. Just to make more clear, if you search for The Simpsons it revealed that the show can be streamed from a variety of apps, including Disney+ and Hulu, or purchased from multiple stores.

Google is now focusing on cloud gaming, recently, Google Search increasing its support for video games. However, rather than including links to various consoles’ storefronts or to the many PC gaming retailers, Google is strictly focusing on cloud gaming.

Google Search not only surfacing results from Stadia, with confirmed support for Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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The list of services seems to vary between desktop and mobile. If we search “Destiny 2” it only brings a result for Stadia (this case is work on Android), while the same search on the desktop shows both GeForce Now and Stadia.

Once you open that page and click on the play button, the searchable page moved to the service’s store app instantly.

Google Search new cloud game improvement (1)

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