One UI 5 Full Experience: Best interface so far [Screenshots]

The unanticipated kick-off of Samsung One UI 5 quite surprising everyone, as no one expected to have the same this early. As Samsung has finally turned out the One UI 5 beta program for Galaxy S22 series in the global market. To be noted, One UI 5 beta recently in South Korea and Europe market, now the same of which going to experience in the US as well in Galaxy S22 series.

One UI 5 UI Full Experience Best interface so far [Screenshots]

The latest firmware will include lots of features apart from brand new UI, notifications tweak, multitasking gesture, permission window, security & privacy enhancement, and Text recognition.

Now, further into this article, we going to look at the innovations that Samsung Galaxy S22 with Android 13 and One UI 5 has to bring as a part of its major upgrade later this year. And all credit goes to Samsung which tremendously works to launch it ahead of time.

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Preview: Galaxy S22 with Android 13 and One UI 5

As previously, we have heard rumours that Samsung would start the Android 13 beta for its Galaxy S22 anticipatedly earlier in the year. Now it’s quite interesting to see Samsung has launched its beta and that too before the release of the Android 13 source code. Android 13 is now predicted to have next month alongside the Pixel 7 phones or maybe sooner than that. As mentioned above, Samsung has been very good with getting updates released in a timely manner, and it reflects well indication for their future devices and support. Therefore, now we can expect more from the new One UI 5 updates in the next coming days.

One UI 5 home screen look image 1 One UI 5 home screen look image 2

More refined design

The first and foremost thing is that things are not stand out at first instant, although apparently, they have more when you start diving into them. One of the major examples is that the overall design has been more refined now.

One UI 5 UI Full Experience Best interface so far [Screenshots]

Permission & Dialog box enhancement

However, on the Homescreen you rather find any major chunks but if any apps ask for your permission then the dialogue box is graphically enhanced perhaps. And the same going implies to the notifications on the notification screen. Coming to the smart widget is again considerably giving a way to more general function. Adding widgets of the same size on top of each other is more smooth now, and swipe back and forth between them.

One UI 5 UI Full Experience Best interface so far [Screenshots]

Much more handy features are now directly accessible from the Gallery itself, part of which is the recognition of text instantly from photos. It makes it very easy to copy the text from any of the images and other apps or text files. In addition to this, now there are now more quick setting options that allow you to easily adjust the screen display in terms of colours and contrast as per your need. Also, the colour palette become more enhanced now providing more colour options based on your wallpaper.

One UI 5 UI Full Experience Best interface so far [Screenshots]

Noticeably the old menus Biometrics and Security & Privacy have been merged now under the Security and privacy heading. And there you find ample new options for quick settings and checks. Now with the help of this, you can run a check which at a glance whether your Galaxy S22 is safe on the most important points.

One UI 5 UI Full Experience Best interface so far [Screenshots] (4)

Pop-up & Split-screen feature

Moving further, under the Labs heading Settings: Advanced functions – Here you will find two new gestures. Swipe for a pop-up view and a Split-screen swipe which lets you multitask faster. Especially on a large phone, this function works really very well.

One UI 5 Multitasking Gestures

Taking a screenshot and pasting it immediately somewhere is very easy now as it gives you with the option of doing the same instantly.

One UI 5 UI Full Experience Best interface so far [Screenshots] (5)

Although in this first beta version, regarding the camera app there are not much of enhancements done all across and maybe that can be taken place later. So anybody at first glance, not finding anything much in store.

One UI 5 UI Full Experience Best interface so far [Screenshots]

First conclusions Android 13 on the Galaxy S22

It is quite certain that the first version of Android 13 and One UI 5 on the Galaxy S22 don’t make you feel that you got a new phone after the upgrade. So for a die-heart updater waiting eagerly, this may be quite a pity, but it has been noticed that the majority of the crowd prefers to keep everything as it was before. Particularly in this regard, Samsung is well aware of the fact that the majority of its users prefer consistency.

Also, in this way Samsung has chosen a logical way, for doing refinement in areas such as security and the refinement of functions for an upgrade such as that to One UI 5.

Also, factors like speed, battery life and optimization are quite important. However, since it’s the first beta version of the software, we can’t expect much at this point. And precisely for that we really have to wait until its official release which defiantly has to add a substantial upgrade later this year.

How do you participate in the One UI 5 beta?

This beta launch seems not to be accessible by everyone with a European S22 mode at this point. It is noticed that presently it is made available for registration only appears in the German version of Samsung Members.

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The Android 13 upgrade for everyone

Certainly, Android 13 and One UI 5 will soon be available for all Galaxy S22 devices in the Netherlands and Belgium, even if you do not participate in the beta. The official, publicly accessible upgrade is expected to roll out sometime in the last quarter of the year. And it is forecasted to have in Oct or Nov, and we will keep updating you from time to time on each minor and major update.

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