New Bixby update available in Asia

Samsung has really come up with new features with its latest One UI 5 beta. By checking the changelog, the changes are features are just amazing. The One UI 5 beta is available in the two major countries including Europe and US (T-Mobile).

One UI 5 also brings options to choose from various types of voice feedback to get help using your phone even if you can’t see the screen clearly. You can make your phone read out keyboard input so you can be sure you typed the correct letter, use Bixby Vision to recognize nearby objects and tell you what they are, and turn on descriptions that explain what’s happening in a video (only for supported videos).

Unfortunately, the One UI 5 beta rollout for Asian countries is still unknown as the company hasn’t mentioned any official date. Apart from the One UI 5, Samsung has started updating its applications in various regions. Now, Samsung Bixby’s new update is rolling out in India, and on this new update, you can speak seamlessly to get a verbal cue. Below you can check the list of new changes.

Samsung Bixby Update India – August 2022

What’s new Do more with Bixby! Here’s what’s new

  • Turn on Speak seamlessly to get a verbal cue (“Yes?”) when you invoke Bixby to let you know that Bixby is listening,
  • When talking to Bixby, Bixby recommends useful settings related to specific commands.
  • We have added a settings icon to make it more convenient to enter Bixby settings on the conversation screen,
  • The updated voice style naming scheme will follow a numbered, approach (Voice 1, Voice 2) in an effort to pursue a gender-neutral offering. This update will be rolled out gradually to all devices.
  • For certain commands such as taking a screenshot, and setting a timer processing is done on the device itself without any utterance data being sent to the server. *This feature is currently supported in English (US) and Korean and available on the Galaxy S22, Z Flip 3, and the Z Fold 3. (Support for additional models will be added soon.)

Additionally, functional improvements and bug fixes have been applied.

New Bixby update 2022

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