Samsung Progressing toward new Health advancements at Unpacked, 2022

South Korean smartphone maker Samsung is boosting up with intensive publicity around its next major unveiling event. Samsung informed in a press note that they are all set to unfold the next generation of mobile experience on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, along with the Galaxy Watch 5 series and the pair of Galaxy earphones. Along with this company spread strategies about health, connecting to its health philosophy.

With a week left for Unpacked 2022, the company seems to practice upon its recent achievements and concerning Samsung Health philosophy. The Galaxy Watch 5 series is just around the corner, so, in a way, Samsung is reassuring its fans that it is fully committed to its Health platform.

Today, Samsung talked about the three pillars that make its Health platform what it is: sensor innovation, connected wellness, and industry collaboration.

Samsung: Health sensor innovation

While following the fact health platform is accordingly do as its hardware behaves. The BioActive Sensor is Samsung’s most advanced health sensor yet. BioActive Sensor was first introduced with the Galaxy Watch 4. It combines three powerful health sensors into a single chip. It’s capable of taking PPG readings (Optical Heart Rate), ECG (Electrical Heart Signal), and BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis).

The outstanding sensor takes Galaxy Watch 4 up to a new level as a health device. Because of the accuracy of its SPo2 sensor, the smartwatch was accepted by health experts. The smartwatch is comparable to a medical device.

Accessibility and open collaboration

Samsung’s Health app gets smarter every day. The Galaxy Watch can recognize when the user falls asleep and automatically dims lights and turns off air conditioners through open collaboration.
Samsung’s Health platform is available on several devices and device types, from smartwatches to smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs.

Open collaboration also eases Samsung’s Health app getting smarter every day. And now, the Galaxy Watch can recognize when the user falls asleep and automatically dims lights and turns off air conditioners.

It’s key to IoT devices, and inter-connectivity is improving. It helped Google develop Wear OS and Health Connect, and it is now working extensively with third-party experts and universities to advance wearable tracking and insight capabilities.

Samsung isn’t stopping here and might unveil more surprising and exciting thoughts regarding the relevance. Will Samsung announce a new sensor along with the Galaxy Watch 5 series? New Health capabilities and partners? Stay tuned and keep connected to update further.

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