Samsung must revive its branding strategies

Samsung being the global tech giant has a set of mastery to strategize their product and their launches, as they have an incredible team of engineers and strategic business planners. They always have a prior and specific road map to follow to enter the market with their new products.

Coming to the branding part of its upcoming products and their scheduled launch then Samsung have a set of channels to unveil things. Instead reciprocal to this, creating the hype and excitement of a new product have been questioned now, and the raising fingers are pointing towards Samsungs only.

The kind of mystery and excitement Samsungs used to carry earlier with regards to their Unpacked events are not the same. As almost everything leaks out before the actual event itself, therefore watching the event is a kind of formality afterwards instead an exciting celebration of design and technology. Again, it seems to some extent that Samsung has responsible for spoiling its product launch events image.

Samsung must revive its branding strategies -SamNews 24

No one wants to prefer to disclose the element of surprise taken away before the event, it definitely kills the excitement and curiosity level one should have in mind. And there’s a huge barrage pointing towards this approach of Samsung, where it has been coming into highlight where Samsung has dropped many hints that make it clear the event is about the new foldable smartphones.

Upcoming Unpacked event does not much have exciting element now as we know a lot about the devices before. Multiple leakers and websites claim to have the details of both Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 along with their tech specs and appearance, so what’s more left now?

Also, one of the great sources of Samsung updates: also shares their views on the same.

A piece of recommendation to Samsung 

Although, my suggestion is that if Samsungs wants to reveal much of it before the unpacked then better to reveal it by itself. No question the information revealed by the company is much genuine and they won’t leave its die-heart fans into conjecture. And in this way, they are able to get the company’s vision in a much better way.

Why Samsung encourage leakers

Considering the example of a lot of automobile companies these days where their upcoming products (cars) are being caught on the road into some vinyl wrapping. Though being into camouflage, they depict the actual physical appearance and give the correct idea of the product.

One of the brilliant examples here is the Rolls-Royce Spectre, with the camouflage highlighting some of the salient features of the brand’s first all-electric vehicle.


To conclude this, a Samsung fan would like to prefer to see the upcoming Unpacked launch of Galaxy Z fold 4 & flip 4 along with Watch 5 and other devices directly on the day of their official launch by Samsung. And we will like to have much of the device specs on the same launch(10 Aug 2022).

Also, the company must keep all the information confidential till its official launch and gradually reveals some of the info through the same medium that leakers used to follow and that’s added more value.

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